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Chilufya Tayali defends his decision to contest the Kabwata Constituency Parliamentary by election


Opposition Economic and Equity Party President Chilufya Tayali has defended his decision to contest the Kabwata Constituency Parliamentary by election set for 20th January, 2022.

Despite being EEP President Mr.Tayali last August contested the General Elections as a mayoral candidate for Lusaka City.

When Mr. Tayali featured on a Millennium Radio show over the weekend, some callers to the programme questioned why a party President was contesting parliamentary elections.

Some callers wondered why Mr. Tayali cannot allow other members of the party to contest elections.

“I am Chitondo Champo from Fisenge, Luanshya. You are playing all the corners 7, 10 don’t you have wings? We should weigh ourselves. Even me as Champo I run positions on the grassroots when I drop as a chairman I say let others serve. And you see, you don’t have structures on the ground. My son let others serve,” the caller said.

Another caller said:”I am Boniface calling from Ndola; I want to contribute. Mr. Tayali, in my view you are not supposed to stand in that position because you are a party President. Better you leave the candidature to others because you are a party President.”

In response to the callers, Mr. Tayali said he was the most suitable person in the party to contest elections because EEP needed someone experienced if they are to win polls.

“All of them are saying you are a President who is going down to contest as Member of Parliament. It is like leaving the bedroom you are coming to the sitting room, it is because of the way we have gotten used to looking at leadership. Actually in this country we are spoiling people, leaders are supposed to be your servants and they are supposed to serve you at whatever level but because we are used to saying ‘no he is the President he has to be there as a President.’ He is supposed to serve you, even the President himself sometimes has to go down to serve people wherever they are,” Mr. Tayali said.

“Politics especially elections, is a contest, it is a competition and whenever you are going in a contest you pick your best. The Economic and Equity Party is a small political party, a very small party. Yes my part has members but those members are not Chilufya Tayali. I said a political election is a contest and you have to pick the best and when you have not had one person who can stand in front you try with that person that you have,” he said.

“If your team is small and it doesn’t have people who can compete, you have to do with what you have. At the moment, the Economic and Equity Party, those members that you are talking about, would not give this election the competition that I am giving it. It is a political party but we cannot run away from the fact that Zambia and Malawi are all countries, there is also Rwanda so there are big and smaller countries. Even political parties there are smaller and bigger political parties,” Mr. Tayali said.

He promised to be available and provide effective leadership to the people of Kabwata Constituency if elected Member of Parliament on 20th January.

“I am standing for the poor; I am giving hope and courage to the poor people. I am very sure those people who want representation, the poor people who want somebody who can represent them, will give Chilufya Tayali that vote. This is what I am promising to people, I am available and for me when I say I am going to come I will come. When I say I am going to do this, I will do it. I don’t give excuses. What I am promising the people of Kabwata is effective leadership,” Mr. Tayali said.

He said Kabwata Constituency needs a Member of Parliament who will provide checks and balances to the UPND Government for it to fulfill campaign promises.

“I will be present in that Parliament and I will offer checks and balances. The UPND needed checks and balances, they made a lot of promises but for them to fulfill those promises they needed a Chilufya Tayali. President Hakainde Hichilema needs Chilufua Tayali, the Ministers need Chilufya Tayali so that I can push them. The poor people’s voice is going to be well represented if you elect Chilufya Tayali on 20th January,” Mr. Tayali said.


  1. Is this not the same man who wanted HH not to stand for presidential election?

    Too much time was spent fighting his foes

  2. Isn’t he a Zambian? Isn’t it his birth right to contest in an election? At least he has courage, no wonder they say Zambians have too much Pull Him Down syndrome. If he has to lose, let the voters decide.

  3. Let the court jester waste his time contesting anywhere he wants. He cannot even win as a councillor but will keep us entertained.

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