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LuSE tops the list of best performing African stock markets in 2021


The Lusaka Securities Exchange has been rated as the best performing stock market in Africa.

This is according to a compilation conducted by leading business publication Business Insider Africa.

2021 was a tough year for most investors, especially those investing in equity. But that notwithstanding, some stocks and stock markets across the continent still managed to perform well.

Business Insider Africa figured it’s important to look back at these top performing stocks/stock markets, as part of our recap series of the major business events that occurred in 2021.

But before we proceed with the list, it should be noted that Africa remains one of the most attractive investment destinations for emerging markets investors.

The continent has a total of 29 stock markets to choose from.

So, just in case you are considering investing investing in Africa, you are more than welcome.

10 best performing African stock markets in 2021

Lusaka Securities Exchange: This was the best performing bourse in Africa last year, according to checks by Business Insider Africa. The Lusaka Securities Exchange recorded a 93.2% gain in 2021.

Ghana Stock Exchange: The Ghanaian bourse emerged the second best performer on the continent, with investors’ gain standing at 38.59%.

Malawi Stock Exchange: This stock exchange recorded a 32.24% gain for investors in 2021, thereby making it Africa’s third best performing bourse during the past year.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange: The JSE’s All Share Index closed year 2021 with a 24% gain, thus making it the fourth best performer for last year.

Stock Exchange of Mauritius: This stock market closed 2021 with a 16.7% gain.

Casablanca Stock Exchange: This bourse in North Africa ended year 2021 with a 15.9% gain for investors.

The Egyptian Exchange: The Egyptian Exchange closed 2021 with a 9.8% gain.

Nairobi Securities Exchange: Kenya’s stock market gained 7.8% in 2021, thereby coming in as the eight best performer for last year.
Nigerian Exchange Group:

The Nigerian bourse’s All Share Index ended 2021 with 6.07% gain.

Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange: This stock market ended 2021 with a 4.0% gain.


  1. Best among the worst it has to be. There is also a league table of the worst. A major corporation whose published accounts point to insolvency is still among the listed companies and this attracted no comment from analysts. What does that tell u about what sort of bourse LuSE is?

  2. Encouraging news.

    Still, a political party like PF sends a shiver down my spine, how a political party can sway GRZ emotions to get LuSe to act against the market. it’s beyond me.

    The acknowledgement should be to the UPND administration who deserves it.

  3. Praise worshippers for Vasco Dagama will rubbish anything to do with PF. People need to move on. I hope the next Govt will concentrate on fulfilling their promises rather than always regurgitating on the wrongs of the previous ruling party without acknowledging any positive aspects. Campaign time is over we need development. Not this rhetoric that has become the new normal.

  4. This is good We need to see our main stock exchange index comperably perform in all quarters What I have observed is that the index is weak during the quarterly reviews It opened at low start and closed not so strongly positive for this rank amongst Egypt Namibia and joburg The performance review of the exchange must be see in the capilization revenues and sectorial margin performance Sometimes the evaluation could simply be on how many IPOs have been issued and how much capital was raised A simple sectorial analysis on Net sales and corporate performance fillings will help to see and evaluate best performance As it we can only hope we perform better that global market indexes and markets like Argentina In terms of innovation and products we are still in development as instruments of…

  5. The performance evaluation of the exchange goes beyond this on individual products. Market innovations and performance of the market indexes the luse all shares index Tracking the index under the review period shows that its performance was below positive strong performance against peer and market indexes on best global markets The performance of the market is evaluated by it’s market capitalisation how many number of IPOs in sectors and firms have successfully taken off and raised Funding Based on the performance in Q4 on the reports of listed firms across sectors shows weaker Turnover and and profits if any It’s good this coverage but More needs to tracked and rated on our market to be like newyork or Argentina or use or any other best performing bounce

  6. It performed well from Sept to Dec when I’m investors flocked to buy Zambian stock when they heard HH is now president. Had it not been for the HH , Luse wud have been worst performer. Remember also our kwacha was world best performer from August-Dec. the same principal applies here – you know why kaili.

  7. Uk stock exchange toped the best performance in IPOs 2021 that saw large scale Finances being raised in USD millions to support productivity in sectors of value Any performing security market this 2022 positioned itself and able to issue at least 2 or 1 IPOthat could be oversubscribed Then the performance of our market and sectorial can be best evaluate d It means products developments across the asset classes and security instruments

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