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The appetite by UPND for vengeance and retribution will not end any time soon-Lubinda

Headlines The appetite by UPND for vengeance and retribution will not end...

Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) acting president Given Lubinda has warned that more party senior members will have their homes raided by the security wings.

Hon Lubinda said the said individuals will also be summoned and investigated by the mentioned officials and lamented that the appetite by the ruling UPND for vengeance and retribution will not end any time soon.

The party vice president said this during a briefing at PF secretariat in Lusaka today.

“Many of our members and those associated with the pf have either had their homes raided by investigative wings of government or have been summoned by them to answer to all sorts of accusations,” he said.

“We are certain that the appetite for vengence and retribution shall not end here. As such on a weekly basis we shall keep updating the nation on these raids and arrests.”

Among the notable people from the party who have been subjected to unconstitutional treatment by the security wings since UPND took over power include former first lady Esther Lungu’s foundation where the officers only found wheel chairs for distribution.
The Kabushi Bulldozzer, Hon Bowman Lusambo is also on the list with Bwalya Kalandanya who had his house raided supposedly for sponsoring musicians supporting PF.

Others are Amon Jere, the PF aspiring candidate for Chipata Central, the former press aide for president Edgar Chagwa Lungu Amos chanda, Hon Andrew Lubusha, Hon Ronald Chitotela, Hon Davies Chama, Hon Stephen Kampyongo and Hon Raphael Nakacinda.

Hon Joseph Malanji, Hon Michael Katambo, Hon Davies Mwila, Antonio Mwanza, Hon Mumbi Phiri, MCC Mundia Mundale, MCC Capt. Walusiku Lyambela, Kaumba Manjolo Former DC for Lukulu and Glenn Chingumbe are also victims of the vice.

And Mr. Lubinda has said that Victory for PF is certain in Kabwata, and that is sticking to the same candidate as it is fully convinced that he has already campaigned and reached out to the electorates and explained that their candidate Clement Tembo is now in hiding fearing that he may be attacked.

“We have every confidence in him. Victory for us is certain. No wonder he is now in hiding fearing that he may be attacked,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda wondered why the Electoral Commission of Zambia handled the Kabwata by-election issue with inconsistencies.

He said the long-winded defense from the UPND that they do not have a hand in the ECZ’s decision to cancel the Kabwata by-elections will be seen by how the ruling party handles elections going forward.

Mr. Lubinda said that he is encouraged by the strong resolve by Andrew Tayengwa that he will spill the beans in the event that the UPND replaces him with another candidate.

“While we acknowledge that the ECZ have the right to make decisions of this nature based on their interpretation of the laws governing elections, we are surprised by the inconsistency of the ECZ on the matter. It will be recalled that the spokesperson of the ECZ on Saturday 8th January stated that the elections would proceed notwithstanding the withdrawal of the UPP candidate. On Monday the position suddenly changed,” he said.

“The cancellation of the by-elections comes with very huge costs to the ECZ and to all political parties and should be condemned by all citizens. Whether or not UPND had a hand in it or not shall be seen by how they handle the by-elections going forward. We are encouraged by the strong resolve by Andrew Tayengwa that he will spill the beans in the event that the UPND replace him with another candidate. Soon it shall be clear to who has been a beneficiary of the cancellation.”

Hon Lubinda called on President Hakainde Hichilema to take heed of what his Deputy National Chairman Andrew Banda is telling him and the nation concerning electoral violence being perpetrated and being incited in Kabwata by well-known members of the UPND “whose DNA is packed with intolerance and vindictiveness.” He stressed the need for “peaceful” Kabwata residence to exercise their right to vote for their future MP in a peaceful environment.

Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda
Information and Media Minister Chushi Kasanda

Yesterday, the Government described as malicious and unfounded assertions from political stakeholders and other interest Groups that it induced the cancellation of the Kabwata parliamentary by-election.

Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda said that the ECZ was clear that the withdrawal of the United Progressive People’s party candidate Francis Libanda invoked the provisions of Article 52 six of the constitution of Zambia, adding that President Hakainde Hichilema has made it clear that he does not support by-elections because they divert national resources from more pertinent issues.

Ms. Kasanda who is also Information and Media Minister said that the government supports public calls to revisit article 52 six of the constitution as it does not in any way add value to the country’s Democratic process and financial prudence.

She has since urged individuals intending to contest for public office to take the responsibility seriously as it is about public service and public resources.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka, Ms. Kasanda said the government sympathizes with political stakeholders in the Kabwata parliamentary by-election following its cancellation.

Ms. Kasanda said the cancellation has inconvenienced all stakeholders.


  1. We are prepared for them. Let them come to me, I will beat their brains out. I don’t have time for nonsense. Fuseke to them

  2. ACC, here is Bowman Lusambo find a case against him and take him to court. Yes sir, I think during conv-19 Lockdown he might have committed an office or during campaign he might have trespassed, we will try to look around. ACC, it is agent, I am told he has 49 houses, where did he get the money. You are right sir, we will start by searching him. ACC, Rupiah Banda can assist, remember Mpundu flats, he is experienced, he knows how they do it because he did it. Nevers Mumba, can this be defined as a rule of man or a rule of law?

  3. Just endure, anything that goes up will always come down. Just like PF, UPND will also do the same tgey too will be investigated by those in power. Remember how PF did to the opposition. The Saying is true ” Whosoever digs a pit, he himself will fall in it.

  4. We want new leaders in PF, not Given and his new found friends like Nakachinda and Kambwili . We need sober and mature leaders. We are not going anywhere with Lubinda, Nakachinda or Mundubile. People want Sylvia Chalikosa’s caliber. We have sang this song since we lost power but we still have jokers leading us. We are voting for the ruling party if this circus continues

  5. Lubinda I would be very disappointed if the list of names was at least 30 times as those names you have highlighted because there was rampant corruption during LAZY LUNGU’s regime

  6. I am PF, there is no vengeance here. Law enforcement agencies are just doing their work, and if we are clean, why are we having sleepless nights with hollow press conferences

  7. Andrew Tayengwa never ever said that he would spill the beans if he was not adopted, usual psychological warfare from PF. The tears of August 12 will meet the tears of the Kabwata bye election when results are announced, PF is definitely still crying

  8. PF strategy of playing victim will not work…if you are serious about rebranding your party you should welcome such investigations

  9. With all the crimes PF committed against the people Zambia, UPND have been very soft on you mr Lubinda. We all saw the corruption perpetrated by party leaders, cadres and ministers including yourself. Its not hearsay. We witnessed it with our own eyes. So please be humble and apoligise to the people of Zambia for the mismanagement of the country. No sympathy here.

  10. UPND GRZ is even being too soft on these Pf thugs……..

    Pleas , step up your investigations , the 2.8 million what to see the theiving PF wearing orange in leg shackles……..

  11. The Chickens are slowly coming home to Roost.
    A quick stopover at ZRA will establish that Mr Lusambo and fellow members of the PF Crime Syndicate do Not have a Tax Footprint equivalent to their Wealth
    Next Stop Chimbokaila

  12. Lubinda anyone that has stolen from the Zambian people or cannot account for his wealth after holding public office must explain to the Zambian people how he/she amassed wealth before, during, and after office. The people’s money must be respected and if your members did nothing wrong it will show. Nothing to fear if you are innocent. However, based on the Auditor General, FIC, and other reports. Looting of public resources was the key highlight in Lungu’s government.

  13. I hope Lubinda is also on the list. How did LCC lose out on garbage collection in Kabwata constituency(where he was MP for 20 years) and the contract awarded to GL carriers?
    How about revisiting KZ’s gun wielding days when he thought he would be invincible forever?
    And then these guys have even the audacity to cry “foul”!?!

  14. Lubinda, his PF thugs and thieves have become arrogant due to the snails pace UPND, ACC, Police and other law enforcers are dealing with PF corrupt and violent acts. Step up and give Zambia which overwhelmingly voted for change justice.

  15. If anyone knows that they did not steal any public funds to own whatever they own, they have nothing to worry about. What’s wrong with these people?


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