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What Chishimba Kambwili said about Bowman Lusambo

Feature Politics What Chishimba Kambwili said about Bowman Lusambo

By LT Blogger


    • Kambwili told us that PF were hardcore plunderers and nobody should vote for PF ,the next thing he was in bed with them, and the empty buffoon still wants to lead the dysfunctional PF, And this other thug called Bowman is just yapping, and that is the caliber we had for leadership, and one should wonder why the PF had the country in such a mess

  1. Still I think Lusambo should be arrested for beating up Kambwili. We all saw him beating the fat guy. But he cant be arrested Because Kambwili is not UPND. UPND are just avenging only their cases

  2. I laughed when Costa put BUFFOON CK in his place..he was hit on the blind side …his lips were dry as Costa had put him on the spot


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