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ZCTU welcomes Government Policy not to separate Married Couples in Civil Service through Transfers

General News ZCTU welcomes Government Policy not to separate Married Couples in Civil Service...

The Zambia Congress of Trade Union has welcomed the government decision of reuniting all married couples within the public service and local government who were separated from their families on account of transfers.

Acting Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa has announced through a Circular that married couples working in public service, Judiciary, and local government should not be separated on account of transfers.

ZCTU President Chishimba Nkole said that reuniting couples is timely and will bring stability in families that were on the verge of collapsing due to distance.

Mr. Nkole said the development will increase productivity among civil servants as they will not be worried about traveling to meet their spouses.

He has however urged the government to ensure that transfers should not result in some civil servants ending up being demoted due to lack of positions in some areas.

Yesterday, the Government directed all Ministries, Provinces, and Spending Agencies that transfers of officers in the public service should not separate family units, henceforth.

Acting Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa says the government has decided that married couples working within the Public Service, Judiciary, and Local Government Service, should not be separated on account of transfers.

Mr. Kangwa says this is important in order to address issues of low productivity, broken families and also to uphold the existing national values and principles, among others.

In a Cabinet circular minute number 2022 to various offices, Mr. Kangwa said addressees must advise the affected officers, who are interested in re-uniting with their families, to apply for possible transfers through their respective Service Commissions or relevant authorities for consideration.


  1. Ba ZTCU the idea is good but it was discontinued because people abused it. Women being posted to rural areas were forging marital status in order to remain in town. So if there’s a transfer to Kaputa, the couple must be transferred together? Same with income tax, previously personal tax was based on the family size of the person ie wife and number of children. This was abused by people including other people’s children on the status. These are not new things, it’s how they are going to work that should be your concern.

  2. Do ZCTU have a mouth?
    Why I am asking is simply the fact that a lot of workers especially in the private sector work in slavery environment. The are only rescued by the media who highlight their plight.

  3. Nothing new in Kangwa’s announcement. t married couples are never separated on account of transfers. That would be against the laws.

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