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Ndola psychiatric hospital looks like police cell, says Copperbelt Minister

General News Ndola psychiatric hospital looks like police cell, says Copperbelt Minister

Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo has expressed concern at the poor state of the Ndola psychiatric hospital which he says currently looks like police cell.

Mr Matambo has said a psychiatric hospital must be good for mental rehabilitation and that the current state of the Ndola Teaching Hospital psychiatric section is not good for mental rehabilitation.

The minister toured the construction of the psychiatric hospital.

“The current psychiatric hospital having visited it on a number of occasions, is not in a good state. The current psychiatric hospital is not in a very good state to accommodate patients as it looks like police cells, not good for mental rehabilitation.”

“I have come here to appreciate this project. The Government wants to ensure that building projects above 60% are completed especially in the health and education sectors. Government is fully aware that Infrastructure is very key to efficient health service delivery.”

And Ndola Teaching Hospital Head of Clinical Care Dr. Misa Funjika said the projected which started in 2014 had stalled due to lack of funding.

Dr. Funjika explained that the project which started in 2014 was supposed to be completed within 70 weeks.


  1. Minister are you telling us that police cells should be in unhabitable state? Prisons should be fit for human habitation. The purpose of prison is reform not to torture. We just don’t have the money to make these facilities good enough for habitation.

  2. It is lack of investment, there is also stigma attached to mental health in our culture. Here in UK, there have well funded mental health hospitals, having worked in the clinical safety team, we investigate any serious incident of anyone known to our Trust

  3. You are in power you chi fat feace.

    People are wishing me death and misfortune. Meanwhile here I am drinking with their wives. I M not worried

  4. Ba Chilolo if Ndola Central Hospital is causing you stress it just is asking for you to cast your eye wider. The problem should be equally bad at Kitwe, Nchanga, Ronald Ross Hospitals. Ndola is not an island

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