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Garry Nkombo assures that administrators in local authorities will lose their employment

General News Garry Nkombo assures that administrators in local authorities will lose their...

The government has assured that no administrator in local authorities will lose their employment on assumption that they were operatives of the former ruling patriotic front government.

Local Government and Rural Development Minister Garry Nkombo says government understands the administrators feared to lose their employment just like some did for not heeding wrong directives by the former government officials.

Mr. Nkombo has revealed that his ministry has received a lot of reports to the effect that some senior council officers should be dismissed or transferred because they worked with the PF but adds the UPND will not take the route of retribution.

Speaking at the Institute of Local Government Administrators Of Zambia –ILGAZ- Annual Admission Dinner last night, Mr. Nkombo also said government is confident that local authorities will effectively manage the expanded and broadened constituency development fund.

Mr. Nkombo said a number of stakeholders have doubted the capacity of councils to deliver on the subject but he optimistic they will if they procure quality goods and services, deliver goods and services on time and ensure they are procured at the right prices.

And ILGAZ president Ernest Mwansa said in 2019, the institute established a research unit which is meant to spearhead research activities to support evidence based policy making.

Mr. Mwansa said using this research unit, the institute intends to provide research based solutions to challenges faced by cities and towns.


  1. Garry the YouTube clown who makes videos with his daughter, has no clue of what is going on in his own ministry because they have already fired pf supporters.his own president has done nothing else but fire people since he took over. You are a chi f00I garry. That is why last time my boys almost beat you up at that filling station

  2. Everyone feared losing employment and everyone even now is fearing to lose employment. If that’s the case then recall all those you fired during your euphoric excitement.

  3. Ba Lusaka Times, check if your headline relates with the story. This is the problem with lifting stories without attribution. You are also unethical. Insoni ebunthu.

  4. Kaizer Zulu you are a coward who is now hiding coz we shall sort you out foolish boy the money you stole to buy boats, houses, we know and fast track court judges will not be your friends to bride, we shall meet and will see where your boys will be

  5. If they can’t do their job, fire them! no politics there. We need people to work for the country not their relatives or political party.

  6. But why keep them? Those people are a cancer and will infect the new dawn admin. Get rid of them all now!

  7. Becarfull of PF diehards and clique supporters in GRZ……….

    They will sabotage GRZ work at the earliest opportunity in support of PF………

  8. Melody zulu you are no zulu. You are embarrassing us zulus. You are from Southern. I have nothing to hide. If your govt had evidence of my wrong doing do you think they wouldn’t have come for me by now? They can’t manage me.let them come to my house, they will leave with broken legs

  9. LT should not be left scot free with “misleading” headlines for it’s one too many that it has become a normal! I would like to conclude that LT is doing it deliberately and it’s with sinister motive. If it is because of genuine incompetence of its staff then let LT retrain its dullards or dud journalists!

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