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Vernon Mwaanga cautions politicians and Zambians against abusing their freedom of speech

Feature Politics Vernon Mwaanga cautions politicians and Zambians against abusing their freedom of...

Retired veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has cautioned politicians and Zambians against abusing their freedom of speech.

Dr. Mwaanga has told a local radio station QFM that some comments coming from some individuals targeted at the head of state are disturbing.

Dr.Mwaanga said that Zambians are breathing fresh air due to the freedom of expression that has been restored to them, which, however, must not be abused.

Dr. Mwaanga said that the head of state is a respected figure in any country and that no one should use unpalatable language against him and advised politicians to respect president Hakainde Hichilema, adding that those who disagree with his style of leadership must do so respectfully.

Dr. Mwaanga stated that those abusing their freedom of expression are jeopardizing the freedom of others who have more sensible things to say regarding the direction in which the country should go.

UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda
UPND Lusaka Provincial youth chair Mr Anderson Banda

Meanwhile, UPND Lusaka Province youth chairperson Mr. Anderson Banda has called on the opposition members to have constructive criticism and not bring the name of the head of State into ridicule.

Mr Banda said the opposition shouldn’t take the calmness and tolerance by the UPND youths as a source of weakness but they are doing so to respect the rule of law.

Mr Banda said the mandate has been left in the hands of the law enforcement agencies but if they dare the law enforcers, the UPND Youths will have no option but to respond in a way which they would understand.

He has called upon the opposition members like Mr Raphael Nakachinda, Mr Bowman Lusambo and others to practice mature politics because UPND Government has created a conducive environment to accommodate everyone in the political arena unlike before under their regime.

Mr Banda said politics of character assassination and propaganda will not make PF relevant to the people of Zambia who suffered beyond measures.

Mr Banda said it is unfortunate that Nakachinda and Lusambo are seeking public attention hence going as far as insulting and mocking the Head of state who is busy working on the economy which was plundered by the previous regime.

Mr Banda was speaking this when he was featured on a Prime TV breakfast show dubbed “WAKE UP ZAMBIA”.


  1. Is it so hard for this t.0.n.g.a man to directly address the upnd govt which is the party in power that is going after anyone who says anything about their tribal god hh. Is it not hh who promised you that he would do away with the defamation laws? Fuseke

  2. Elder Mwanga this is not a new phenomenon it was even more intense during the former regime Sata suffered more but never put anyone in prison , FTJ the father of Zambian democracy was always insulted but never put anyone in prison or detention as we are seeing it now it is un called for, HH went as far as blocking the presidential motorcade in western province.
    Democracy has been there since 1991 , freedom of speech is not new in Zambia , you know very well how Mwanawasa was called names including calling him a mad man he never detained anyone .

  3. What does KZ know about Zambia? He doesn’t know VJM is not Tonga? Ufwe na tribalism mwana wa kwasu. Stand down and enjoy life and family o baba.

  4. Ba Banda how can you construe Constructive Critisism to mean “Ridicule”? Please be objective and don’t encourage and incite your unruly cadres

  5. Ba VJ you have woken up from slamber becuase your tribe man is in State house. Where were you when The UPND were insulting Edgar day and night in the name of freedom of expression your HH failed to respect and recognise Edgar as a president. We told you that what HH and his Cuundu is doing they are planting bad seed.

  6. I lost respect for this old man when supported THE THIRD TERM. He even started giving USA examples just to justify that nonsense. The little respect I reserved for him got lost when he became TRIBAL together with you know who. Never did condemn those insulting Lungu… of course Lungu had short comings but he was president. You can’t claim to be Christian if disrespect leadership no matter how bad it may be.

  7. The head of state is a respected figure in any country? Sorry baba I saw respect by those who wanted to and disrespect from others just recently when Trump was in the White House. So you respect the president if your job demands it or if you choose to, its not because the laws command you to do so like in Zed or in the army.

  8. I agree with VJ. Respect is reciprocal. Insulting those who have authority over us is something that is not tolerated in our culture, so how come it has become acceptable in many circles?

  9. So PF had a chance to do away with the defamation law but instead they went for Bill 10. You PF, Lubinda to be exact would have saved Nakacindi from being arrested everyday…..kikiki Its still Law until Parliament decides to do away with it. The other day Lubinda was saying that the roads in Kabwata are bad and yet his MP tenure for Kabwata ended in August last year, he had been Kabwata MP for close to 20 years. Ati Bally has not fixed the roads in his three months in office. Bally and Parley should leave that Defamation Law for another year, do not change it…..kikiki

  10. @ 3. nshilimubemba

    ”FTJ the father of Zambian democracy ”
    Ooh NO NO the man was a criminal and died with a thief TAG
    He destroyed What KK built and sold All parastal companies
    leaving mr Zambia on his knees.

  11. There are more pressing issues than this defamation noise. I urge the aggrieved to come back after maybe 2023 because we a country to develop. For now and until then, Lusambo will be ferrying you food at the cells. Let him sale some animals in his yard so he could donate mattresses for you and the inmates.

  12. Interesting how the Bemba nsoselo are the trademark for this. Iwe Nakachindidwe can you come up na yakine yakwinangu? Other than that, I hope you guys are buying the book by the two esteemed ladies. I will be bringing mine for autographing.

  13. VJ, respect is earned and definitely it cannot be earned by lying. I hope you aren’t threatening. UPND lied because there was freedom of speech. Freedom of speech has not been brought by Hh but Zambians. For freedom of speech, I respect Chiluba.

  14. You can call FTJ all insulting names but you will never take away from him the freedom of speech we are enjoying now. When everyone including VJ were worshipping KK , FTJ was time and again taken to prison as a union leader. Thats why when time came everyone agreed that the only person who could take on KK then was FTJ. When people say HH stole from Zambians through privatisation his supporters say there’s no court that has convicted HH of that. In the same vein there’s no court on earth that found FTJ of stealing from Zambians. Even the might london court could only find him fiduciary duties case. Thats why Levy decided to stop the cases but he was pushed by Mmembe and team to continue. People own houses today because of FTJ, you no longer wait for chocolate, apples etc from SA,…

  15. @3 No, HH never blocked Lungu’s presidential motorcade. To start with, the stretch of that road is narrow, the presidential motorcade was given enough room to pass on the right side as it was coming from behind, though of course HH’s motorcade should have stopped as a sign of respect but I squarely blame the Police for not having provided route lining on that occasion.

  16. Pwahahahahahahahahahahaha Hehehehehehe nkunkunkunkyu hahahahahaha kwekwekwekwe kwikwikwikwikwi!
    @15 ayatollah
    Ba VJ tekeni AMATAKO panshi kwekwekwekwe kwikwikwikwikwi
    Was Zeeeeeee when pf suffered ‘insults’ from upnd goons.
    Now since baal their own is president VJ has found his tongue

  17. Without any cajoling from those seeing themselves as dignified in demeanor and who consider themselves as being of above average mentality, one can choose for themselves not to be mediocre or silly in their interpretation of “freedom of speech.” They can then employ inborn intelligence to exhibit some semblance of wisdom. Currently Zambian politicking that is grossly abusive and lacking substance inspiring to a developing country is akin a headless chicken let loose from the grip of its slaughterer!

  18. I think this paper is full of individuals with a mind like a child with a belief them alone are the right one and can call out anyone who has not said pro PF things. Constructive criticism has a meaning and does not mean VJ favored HH! The video of the Chief is another example, “baleoichefwa” has meaning, be humble! If you cannot say how you amassed such weather a public servant, why talk about business? Was he a businessman of govt official? Let see you who is going to have the last laugh.., all these stupid comments of tribal will be dead in the next few months. Keep counting!!

  19. It is indeed shameful that self-confessed mandrax dealer, VJ, can today be preaching to us about the importance of not abusing freedom of expression which he never did this when his tribesman, HH, and the UPND were hurling insults at ECL and the PF.

  20. @KAIZER You can do Better. Stop your evil bitter approach and see Good in Others. You people divided Zambians, yet we gave you a chance to Fail by Yourselves. Zambians Rejected your PF Stu.pidity due to your Immature Attitude. Respect yourselves and be Humble.

  21. VJ has just realized that the head of state is a respected figure anywhere in the world?
    Why didn’t you say so when upnd and HH were insulting ECL?
    It’s convenient for you now because it’s your tribesman In office.
    Anyway, ba [email protected] nabalanda kale. I don’t want to repeat.

  22. The UPND is doing relatively well given the situation the country went through under the past Zambian Khmer Rouge regime. However they should not be overly sensitive to small political mockeries, pokes or ”insults” as these are normal in all true democracies. Take a leaf from SA, UK and Kenya. No need for threats just match them verbally.

  23. I agree with what vj says but there’s a lot of hypocrisy. ECL is one of the most insulted president…he was insulted left right and centre. Others when they just work up the first thing is to insult him. VJ never said anything…a lot of unprintables where cast on ECL . OtherS where even called heroes when they insulted ECL…….the lesson here is if your son insults an elderly person reprimand him..because if you cheer him, the neighbors child will insult you as well.

  24. Remember the PF was a vulgar and lawless party in government, the derogatory language towards VJ from the rejected PF and its bloggers here will therefore not be surprising on any day, that is the DNA of the late party

  25. ”Dr. Mwaanga said that the head of state is a respected figure in any country and that no one should use unpalatable language against him and advised politicians to respect president Hakainde Hichilema, adding that those who disagree with his style of leadership must do so respectfully.”
    I wished you called out HH also when he was in opposition. The guy stubbornly refused to recognize ECL as republican president – you were quiet, he called ECL ”chipantepante,” ”clueless president” and all soughts of demeaning words against Lungu – where were you? Look, Mr. VJ, I dont want to call you ”tribal” but if you are going to comment on the current political dispensation I urge you to be objective. Don’t sound tribal, HH in opposition behaved more or less than the people…

  26. than the people you are schooling today about respect for the president. So before you divide us please step aside, you have outlived your usefulness in as far as providing counsel to the young and upcoming politicians because you are biased. I don’t think you lived in a different universe when HH unleashed oral lethal venom on ECL and his government when he was in opposition. You are aware of what issues am raising here. As a senior citizen I think you can do better than this. A lot of young political science students in universities in Zambia read your political achievements since independence and you stand out. My advise to you is that please don’t lose all that you have built for yourself because of tribal influences. You are above that.

  27. All I read here is just tribalism against VJ and HH. Is PF and its tribal supporters ever going to stop this tribal warfare ? God forbid- one day, we will be like Ethiopia if this is not stopped by PF.

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