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Process to make amendments to the Constitution is underway-Justice Minister

General News Process to make amendments to the Constitution is underway-Justice Minister

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe has disclosed that the process of obtaining Cabinet approval for a roadmap for constitutional reforms is underway.

Speaking in a radio interview with QFM, Mr. Haimbe, however, could not give a timeline of how long the constitutional reform process will take, stating that once Cabinet gives the go-ahead, the Constitutional reforms roadmap will be released to the public.

Mr. Haimbe said that the intention by the government is to have a holistic review of the Constitution in terms of the parts which are outside the bill of rights and the bill of rights itself.

Mr. Haimbe explained that the Bill of Rights can only be amended through a referendum while the rest of the constitution can be done with a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Mr. Haimbe has reiterated the government’s position that the Constitution Amendments will be premised on broad-based consensus and inclusivity of all Zambians.


  1. Tekeni amatako panshi baffikala…. Changing what??
    Not constitution again imwe baffikala.
    Empty prisons first, there are many innocent people in Over crowded jails.

  2. Make sure you include the clause which states that those who knowingly plunge our country into abject poverty through reckless decision making shall face minimum of 10 years prison sentence (equivalent to a full term in office). There is is urgent need to corruption proof our constitution.

  3. Why should we always make it an event? My take is let’s legislate the changes via parliament as queued up. That way we do not package hidden corners like what Bill #10 tried to do. Maningi kuvikosha pa Zed for nothing. Let the MPs earn their bread mwabantu napapata!

  4. This is good news Hon justice Minister HM. Caution: Constitution road works Ahead.
    Your dichotomy approach between Bill of rights and non bill of rights reads like the erstwhile contentious and non- contentious. This approach may prove a wrong footing if not handled well.
    As a concerned citizen who have watched constitution dance in the recent past.. I would suggest you take an open approach and to allow stakeholders- citizenry, academia, NGOs (not GONGOs-Governement NGOs) will pitch in through public media and debates and suggest the way forward. And that in part will not a better footing for a consultative and inclusivity as you mentioned.
    Hon, I submit.

  5. Oh Zambia what a shame. Ruled by shameless selfish individuals.
    This UPND party has been part of the amendments since it was formed. Another allowance making platform. No shame every party wants to change the constitution.
    When will this Zambia be sober?

  6. They are going to do the same thing we tried to do with bill 10. Yet they voted against it when in opposition. They are all dogs and the pf will vote against it

  7. It should e: Endless Process to make amendments to the Constitution is underway again. And again And again And again

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