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We are not afraid of arrests. UPND is a one-term party-Nakacinda

Feature Politics We are not afraid of arrests. UPND is a one-term party-Nakacinda

Patrotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee in charge of information and Publicity Raphael Nakachinda said the United Party for National Development (UPND) will make history as a one-term party.

Speaking when he addressed party officials in the Kabwata constituency, Mr. Nakacinda said that the former ruling party will not give the UPND chance until they sober up.

“We are winning the Kabwata election for Zambians. Clement Tembo will be a symbol of the victory for Zambians in parliament. Instead of addressing the issue of their planned demolition of houses in Mapuloto area in Kabwata to pave way for a shopping mall, they arrest us and put us behind bars for proposing violence.,” he said.

“We are not afraid of arrests. UPND is a one-term party and President HH has already acknowledged that when he said he is not seeking re-election in 2026,” Mr. Nakachinda said.

Mr. Nakachinda who is campaign manager in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election said instead of arresting PF officials on trumped-up charges, the UPND Government should focus on delivering on their campaign promises.

Mr. Nakachinda said the fear of losing the Kabwata parliamentary by-election is giving the UPND sleepless nights and hence tying, by all means, to have the PF candidate Clement Tembo arrested.

“The Kabwata polls will determine the future of the country as it will show If Zambians are happy with how they voted in 2021. UPND has accepted that elections are a problem for them in Kabwata and hence plotting to arrest Clement Tembo so that they disadvantage him,” Mr. Nakachinda said.

“God will protect him and PF will not give UPND a chance. We need to remove fear, if we do so, we will not liberate Zambians. Late President Sata and former President Edgar Lungu were brave that’s why PF managed to rule the country,” He adds.
And Mr. Nakachinda said the 2021 election loss has taught the PF a bitter lesson and is moving towards amending its mistakes ahead of the 2026 general elections.

“Selfishness contributed to elections loss and some publicly displayed money which angered Zambians. We humble ourselves before Zambians and ask for forgiveness.

The loss has taught us bitter lessons. Things are bad in the country and we need to fight back and work together in order to liberate Zambians,” Mr. Nakachinda said.


  1. Sir your party have been in power for too and you did nothing completely
    Just keep quiet Sir.
    Politics is politics.

  2. The same Psychological warafare of the we are winning the 2021 elections being repeated. Go down and organize your disjointed and un coordinated PF party. Amos Chanda your own member has correctly advised that you cant win elections by just issuing statements and exhibiting arrogance.

  3. As arrogant as ever with a mouth fully loaded with insults, and how can we win elections as PF with such leaders

  4. Disgusting, un couth and incorrigible this Nakachinda guy, PF can do better, such characters will cost you even the slightest chance of returning to power, mark our words. And to some disfunctional PF leaders the belief is that such un tamed conduct from Nakachinda is working, Zambia is beyond that now

  5. Honestly speaking in PF there was money but that money was for them the apa mwamba’s. Me the tail of PF suffered under the guise of good leadership. Sorry PF, UPND is what you see, the truth, not hiding suffering in subsidies. We are an honest party. We speak the truth. So Naka, boyi, its too late, Clema there is still time resign and join UPND.

  6. Nakachinda it is not up to you to decide how long UPND will rule this country. Leave that to the Zambian people in general. PF is trash, never to resurrect again. Zambians don’t go back to their vomit

  7. Zambians have just realised that the “devil” they knew was actually better than the “ angel” they did not know. Mirage fools many into believing that there was water in a distant future. Vasco da Gamea is using the same principle to just promise and promise and change goal posts as he pleases. But what is constant for Vasco is that he continues to draw a salary and has a fully subsidised life style by the state.

  8. Go back to MMD Nakachinda, you are bringing the confusion you were displaying in MMD to our party, it is only Given, Bowman and the ineffective acting SG who want you, us PF members don’t want you in our party. Please go, we want members who are level headed who can plan on how to reorganize the party, being quarrelsome is not one of the attributes we are looking for

  9. Another useless PF person just issuing insults to the ruling party, but NOT saying one word on policies, plans, budgets etc. Why would any prospective voter want to go for the PF? To be part of the corrupt thieving incompetent former ruling party? Maybe not!

  10. Nakachinda is afraid, he is just putting up his rouble rousing antics as usual, remember he behaved the same way in MMD, then some desperate party called PF got him before August 12 thinking their fortunes would improve, then the fortunes dwindled further and are still dwindling

  11. PF president should be Emmanuel Mwamba and Kabwata MP should be Chilufya Tayali.
    Unfortunately Zambians like idyots like Nakacinda, Lusambo, Kambwili. It’s time to start thinking.
    Imagine how civilization with Emmanuel Mwamba as Opposition leader.
    Imagine Chilufya Tayali as MP.
    Think people, thinking is not painful.

  12. Nakachinda, whatever that name means. Your adopted party will never bounce back to power in the foreseeable future. Your translation and style of offering checks and balances using insulting language, by a party that brought so much misery to a lot of citizens in this countrywill not be forgotten easily and soon enough.

  13. I’m not suggesting that you should be slapped in order for you to be civil like what happened at the MMD secretariat by one of your own that time, No, because this time it could be injurious to you. So, tame down and be factual, for the insides of prison can be nasty.

  14. “Instead of addressing the issue of their planned demolition of houses in Mapuloto area in Kabwata to pave way for a shopping mall, they arrest us and put us behind bars for proposing violence.,” says Nakachita. Yes if you propose violence prison is where you belong.

  15. Instead of making noise. Show us what Lubinda did in Kabwata where PF held the position for 20 years. Why do think the people voted UPND if Lubinda did a great job. Zambians are smart and hardworking they noticed that PF did nothing for them but themselves. Empty tines make a lot of noise. GO ACCOUNT FOR WHAT LUBINDA HAS ACHIEVED.

  16. You forgot one thing Nakachinda: Majority Zambians rejected your PF simply because they realized you were all just a bunch of thieves who got into power with one aim— to steal & loot the country.. you were all thieves.

  17. I think as a newspaper you all are very irresponsible in print these rants of someone who is clearly ignorant and stupid. Surely their must be better news stories coming out of Zambia.
    You are a paper on the internet which goes out a world wide audience, don’t you think the publishing of such a fool embarrasses your country.
    Question: Why does this ***** go around with binoculars around his neck?

  18. Question is what’s making corrupt baal and a clique of his violent goons uneasy? Iwe ka general kamene answer me ala!
    May the people’s choice win.
    By the way I also head lazy baal say he is not looking for reelection. Ni ka fear of defeat premised on his global lies or what?
    Kajoba must be charged for abuse of office.

  19. Whether one term or two terms, the fact is you nakachinda won’t be there as by then even your own party would have disowned you going by the comments of PF.

  20. It is good that you have learnt a lesson, based on your past mistakes, if Zambians gives you chance again in 2026, make sure you do the right thing.

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