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Carmine Annunziata (1931-2022) Founder Of Matero Boys’ Secondary School


Brother Carmine Annunziata has died. Here I pay tribute to a man of God who founded Matero Boys’ Secondary School and turned it into one of the premier schools in Zambia.


Pause for a moment, O you MaBoys
In silence pay tribute to the man of deeds
Hold up your lamp in the dying of dusk
So you can see him in the dawning of tomorrow
When you see him, thank him in silence
For the man of deeds is a noble soul

O you MaBoys, join your comrades here
Thank him whose harder fate was your future
The sage who drew sword for right, and for better
The disciple who more with love edified
So you may become the man of deeds and not words
Fail not, ye who drew from the man of deeds
Gather at the hero’s tomb to celebrate his death.

–Dr. Field Ruwe, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


  1. farewal soldier of res non verba ( deeds not words) see you in glory…

    Is his brother my headmaster Bro. Frank Annunziata still around?

  2. Brother Carmine Annunziata is more Zambian than Kaiser. Maybe only in the degree of africanacity in terms of melanin content.

  3. Well, this is what a legacy embraces! Those who have passed through Matero Boys without doubt do salute this selfless educator for an enlightened mind is freed from bondage! He deserves national honor considering that Zambia has Matero Boys “products” contributing to national development! (Please exclude those turned bad eggs as the schools’ goal was to produce upright dignified citizens.)

  4. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace My deepest condolences to my former Head and physics teacher Bro. Frank and family members.

  5. I just can’t believe that Bro Carmine is no more. This is the man who built most of us to what we became later in life. I was privileged to be among the pioneer students who opened Matero Boys Secondary School in January, 1966 and he was to be my principal up to the time we finished Form Five in 1970. The man loved Zambia so much that even after he had left the country at the end of his tenure, he found it necessary to come back some years later as administrator of the same school he founded! Matero Boys Secondary School has remained one of the best schools in the country in terms of student performance as a result of the good foundation laid by this man Bro;Carmine. During his reign , he refused to have the school fenced on the ground that there was no need for that if the school was…

  6. performing to the expectations of the local community – and true to his word, cases of theft or vandalism to property were unheard of during his reign. Children from surrounding townships like Matero and Mandevu were allowed to play games freely using the school’s football, volleyball and basketball fields even if they were not students of Matero Boys.

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