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President Hichilema thanks Saudi Arabia for the multi-million dollar 800-bed capacity Hospital

General News President Hichilema thanks Saudi Arabia for the multi-million dollar 800-bed capacity Hospital

President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday toured the construction site of the multi-million dollar 800-bed capacity King Salman Bin Abdelaziz specialist hospital for women and children in Lusaka.

President Hichilema has thanked the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and King Salman Bin Abdelaziz for the support rendered to Zambia.

The President was taken around the construction site as he occasionally waved at the jubilant workers.

President Hichilema encouraged the construction workers to continue working hard before taking some photographs with them.

Later President Hichilema visited Munyaule market where he interacted with marketeers, bus drivers and the public.

Here the President also gave the traders and onlookers an opportunity to take pictures with him.


Below is the president’s full post

This afternoon we toured the Saudi Arabian-funded King Salman Bin Abdulaziz 800 bed specialised hospital project near Lilayi in Lusaka, under construction.

We are grateful to both the King and the People of the Kingdom, for this support and solidarity to the people of Zambia. Through the Saudi Embassy in our country, we have assured King Salman Bin Abdulaziz that the hospital construction will be under our close watch.

This project is a demonstration of our promise to ensure quality healthcare for all citizens. Our vision as government is to ensure that we build well stocked health facilities with well trained and highly motivated health workers so that there is no one being flown out of the country to seek medical care irrespective of their status in society.

Once more, we thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this support which we will ensure that it benefits all our people.

May God bless our two great Countries and their peoples.
God bless you all.
Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia.


  1. Another lie.. Twanaka. This hospital came out of ECL ‘s meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia way back in 2018.
    Upnd has nothing to do with this project.
    This is the promise we made to the Zambia People to provide quality health services ??
    Everything our new dawn president says must be subjected to a fact check. Ubufi bwachila.

  2. Projects started by the patriotic front… Continue finishing them up that is that spirit ….One Zambia One Nation

  3. Another lie. Twanaka. The 800 bed Saudi funded hospital is the brainchild of former President Edgar Lungu, after the 2018 meeting with the King of Saudi Arabia.
    The Upnd has no role in the idea and construction of this hospital.
    To say that ” this project is a demonstration of the New Dawn government’s resolve for quality health Services ” is a total lie.
    Every thing our New Dawn President says must be subjected to a fact check.
    Ubufi bwachila.

    • icisungu mudala, no one have said that UPND have brought the hospital, read the headline properly,The president just thanked Saudi Arabia for bringing this hospital to zambia

  4. Thanks SAUDI. This I believe started in the previous administration. There is no way the current administration can start something this huge. The current one is just full of talk and emptiness. Anything good for Zambia, we laud. Anything sinister, we condemn to hell fire.

  5. A very focused President we have. A President full of intellect, capacity and competency to deliver, the doom snayers saying he has not fulfilled his promises know that the man still has 4 years and 8 months to deliver but are deliberately misleading people that he has u turned on his promises. Zambians are solidly behind HH

  6. Who says HH claimed this project was started by UPND ? PF thugs…the Project is meant to benefit Zambians. The President is the President for Zambia. If does not visit these projects someone will find chance to call him bitter,,,

  7. HH was speaking and thanking the Saudi as government and not as a party. I do not see anything wrong. Apart from this, the project is fully funded. So PF could not inflate. So ba lie Ditector, tekeni amatako panshi

  8. ECL and PF fostered good relations with the Saudis. Consequently, the Saudi government decided to have this hospital built in Zambia. ECL and the PF deserve to be thanked for the good work and not BALLY THE LIAR.

  9. Let BALLY ask his British, American, South African Brenthurst or Scandinavian friends who are more interested in our mineral wealth to build such a hospital so that we see if they are going to do it. All they can give to his government is budget support, HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 money kwasila and set the vulture IMF on Zambia. The Saudis are indeed the good friends Zambia need.

  10. I said then 4 years ago when this hospital construction was commisioned by Lazy Lungu I say it today …there is nothing like a free lunch especially with the Saudi Royal establishment. As for those saying Lungu this and that let we tell you that Lazy was a servant of the people of Zambia he didnt own anything get over it.

  11. The President was using English. Very Important. And i quote ” This hospital is a DEMONSTRATION of our commitment for the Provision of Quality Health Services we made to the Zambian people” A TOTAL LIE!
    Let the Philanthropist George Soros, a big Philanthropist and minority rights advocate, our Intelligent President met in USA come through and put up a 1000 bed capacity hospital in Zambia, and his statement will then have meaning.
    At the rate our New Dawn President is going, daily churning out lies, whatever he says should be assumed to be a Lie until proven otherwise. Thank you Doug.

  12. Yes the project might have been started by the previous Government but being finished by the present Government, just like the moneys owed by previous government is being paid by the government in power now. And no one is saying, let the previous government deal with what they accumulated. its just common sense we need to use. lets not write things for the sake of writing. some people here just criticize everything even when its making sense

  13. Just an inquiry: What is the main project that the UPND Government is undertaking. I dont seem to follow clearly? Please advise

  14. Typical Zambian debating fooooolishly about ownership of a donated hospital by an Isla mic dictatorial monarch instead of talking about how they will construct their own.

  15. Cult followers and praise singers…and they used to criticize and see everything as wrong in Edgar Lungu and now everything that they used to say is wrong suddenly its all good……all these projects were started by Edgar and the same HH used to criticize them….i can’t stand fake people….Lungu was real HH is just a demagogue

  16. The president forgot to also thank ECL for brokering the deal. In as much as he does not like his predecessor at least give credit where its due. UPND initiated projects will only start 2023 . These ones that were inited by previous administration please acknowledge them and invite them when time for commissioning comes. This way we know you are sincere.

  17. “This project is a demonstration of our promise to ensure quality healthcare for all citizens.”

    Cant be right.

  18. Lie Detector, you are either just being naive or just love criticizing and rubbishing anything from UPND, especially HH. The Mongu-Tapo road was embarked on by MMD but PF claimed it, the Kazungula bridge project was also initiated by MMD and again PF told everybody and anybody who cared to listen that it was their project. So Mr. Detector, these are government not party projects which should be continued by whichever party is in power at a given period of time.

  19. All ECL disciples call him to thank Saudi Arabia government for this 800 bed capacity hospital since ECL initially began the project. It would be insulting to the Saud Government for a losing and former president to preside over the project. The hospital is to serve all Zambians and as of now HH has to thank the Saudis on behalf of Zambians. Be objective and logical in your discourse. Good works and intentions need to be continued by the leadership of UPND, but thieves and rogues to be arrested and made accountable to the law over their actions.

  20. @Lie detector, so what? UPND will also start projects that the next govt will complete. Thats the democratic process. These are for zambians not individuals. Such jmmaturity

  21. Awe sure this is really blatant lie and tongue twisting by our president. The greatest any of HH is himself and his tongue . “ This project is a demonstration of our promise to ensure quality healthcare for all citizens.” This is an embarrassing statement from HH . You cannot rubbish everything that your previous Govt did but claim victory for yourself for the good things that your colleagues did or started.

  22. I think the president’s statement is plain it just depends on your interpretation- commitment in this case may be to equip the facility with enough man power and medicines..

  23. I would be ashamed to use donated projects as milestones accomplished by government. We should aim to be ambitious and create projects which will stand the test of time. It’s fair to say MMD improved the bus services in Zambia, PF tried to bring good roads and Airports. UPND should modernise the railway infrastructure.

  24. All those that get the privilege to serve for the benefit of the general public deserve no accolades for the citizenry above giving them the privilege they are also paid for their service! It would be foolishness to rubbish beneficial projects to the people no matter who initiates them and getting such projects to completion is cardinal. It is the corruption and vices that those assigned such peoples projects engage in out of selfishness that soil the goodness around the project and service for the citizenry! Whenever it is completed whoever will be in Plot 1 will have the honor of “opening” the hospitals’ doors and claiming a well done execution of the project! Some things need no politicization!

  25. The Saudi’s grant to Zambia building of this edifice. When does it become a hospital? Are the Saudi’s also committed to furnishing it? In some contributors I see those who when an aunt or uncle passes by the home and hands over some bread the niece or nephew that receives it takes it as his personal belonging and not the family’s. ECL for all I remember promised Zambians that they would be getting K5.00/liter fuel from Saudi Arabia! Probably the request was made but the Saudi’s thought it better to construct what would be hospital to benefit many lives. Anyway well done if ECL personally negotiated this project but it does not clear his administration of humongous mismanagement and corruption!

  26. Not knowing the conditions made, between HH’ s government & the Arab King .

    No more receiving hand outs for Motherland & its nations. #Enoughisenough .


    2. We demand collective inclusion from grassroots to top level. No excuses.

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