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Ministry of Health Acknowledges Shortage of Drugs, blames Transition Period

Health Ministry of Health Acknowledges Shortage of Drugs, blames Transition Period

The ministry of health has for the first time acknowledged that there is currently a shortage of essential medicines in hospitals and health centers across the country.

Ministry of Health permanent secretary in charge of technical services professor Lackson Kasonka has attributed the current shortage of essential drugs and medicines to a transition that is currently taking place in the Ministry with regards to the procurement and supply of drugs and medicines.

Professor Kasonka explained told the local radio station QFM that the ministry is currently streamlining the procurement process to ensure that the loopholes and shortcomings in the process which resulted in corruption and inappropriate procurements are addressed.

The permanent secretary said that government wants to be getting medicines and drugs at the right price, the right quantity, and quality and ensure that the medicines and drugs are delivered to hospitals on time.

Professor Kasonka stated that the shortage of essential medicines is therefore temporal, further assuring that very soon the procurement process will be streamlined and hospitals will be having the right quality and quantity of medicines at all times.


  1. Understandable but this should have been anticipated and communication made to the public before occurrence- risk communication

  2. Bufi……We know exactly what is going on. A new clique of thieves is being prepared to start supplying drugs at prices higher than the old clique. We have seen it in the supply of fertiliser. The new supplier is higher than Edgar’s suppliers. In the road sector the minister confirmed to rate per km for road construction will be higher that what Chitotela had negotiated . So who is the clique???

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Failures already! The problem is that instead of working, you are talking pride that you are the best. Work silently “wane”. You are making a lot of noise but doing little. You will be overwhelmed work especially that their are a lot of disasters requiring Bomas attention. Ati this is PF budget and not our budget. THAT WAS CHILDISH TALK. WHEN YOU WIN ELECTIONS, YOU TAKE CHARGE OF THE RUNNING OF THE AFFAIRS OF THE PEOPLE. YOU TAKE OVER THE MANAGEMEMENT OF THE BUDGET. THERE MUST BE CONTINUITY.

  4. #5 You are right. It appears they have picked pharmacies belonging to their friends for prescriptions…. they give you ka note to collect medicine from so and so pharmacy.

  5. People without money to buy drugs must now die because of the s+up!d useless transition? These failures, awe sure.
    It could also take 6 – 12months transitioning. It took him up to 3 months to form cabinet.
    Slow thinkers and slow decision makers are a thorn in my flesh.

  6. Ati don’t judge us now, tukaba bwino kuntanshi.
    A life lost because of lack of medicine in parliament is one too many. Just listen to hh talking, you can tell that he talks from the standpoint of ignorance. It all empty talk.
    This failures are not encouraging. So the IMF has also put spanners in the supply of medicines.

  7. These are the results of Hichilema’s actions. He dismissed all controlling officers and took too long to appoint others. Masebo has sent nurses everywhere to administer COVID-19 vaccines but people being vaccinated aren’t being screened. WHO guides that you can’t vaccinate a positive person until they undergo therapy to reverse the status. MoH has no test kits, so what will she achieve? It’s a quandary! UPND must sober up and begin to do things correctly instead of blaming PF all the time

  8. Fellow bloggers, you dont have to be a UPND Supporter to comprehend what , the Health permanent secretary is saying., therefore , I am not convinced by any of the comments above. The procurement process was halted and put under review, and this obviously requires, negotiations with the supplier and if the 3 KPI need to be tracked, they will need a source of data, etc. Organization spend colossal sum of money to put in such tracking mechanisms. Anyone who has worked on any form of Change Management will agree.
    For those others, please do NOT mistake”.. working” and “.. talking pride”. None of those, the guys are trying to be transparent, proactively informing you of possible issues and reasons. UNFORTUNATELY, it seems by nature of INERTIA, you are all driving in PF bus, where…

  9. Cont`d.
    UNFORTUNATELY, it seems by nature of INERTIA, you are all driving in PF bus, where transparency was non-existed. And illogical arguments are dished out.

  10. New government came in three months ago. All ministers and MPs , the President and Madam speaker and the VP have been getting their monthly salaries. There was no trasition period in getting salaries. But this govt chose to transition Zambians to the graves. My foot!!!

  11. At least give us even what you called expired drugs…….we will live a few months more and have opportunity to write our wills.

  12. Good that you have acknowledged that there is a problem unlike previously those who were just denying and burying their heads in the sand. Now solve the problem.

  13. @18 Zoona
    they started getting salaries on day one actually August 14th these UPND Pompwes were already on government payroll getting paid….and 5 months into government they dont even know where to buy Panadol for the hospitals……HH is a demagogue

  14. Why is it that certain people label us liberals as PF cadres but once someone calls them Upnd they lose their temper?

  15. Governments come and go, but the civil service remains, representing the continuity of the state. Just because you come into power, you should not think anyone in government belonged to the former ruling party and there should be a halt to public service delivery. Fertilizers were late in being delivered, medicines were not being procured, suppliers of government goods and services are not being paid all because the UPND in their wisdom thought everyone in government was PF. Therefore, BALLY has to micro-manage the entire government system as if he was micro-managing Grant Thornton. What he forgets is that there are civil servants who have been in government long before PF came into power. Besides, it is the first time it has happened in Zambia after a change of government that public…

  16. #22 They didn’t even talk about this being PF budget….they started enjoying soon as the last vote was counted. USA system is the best… you start your term with the new year.

  17. …service delivery has been put on hold. Bally thinks government is his personal business he has to micro-manage by putting on hold the procurement of drugs whilst citizens go without them and some die because of being heartless.

  18. HH government is a minus government on Zambians they have lost out a lot , we don’t know what they will lose tomorrow this leadership is equal to witchcraft, when people get it they think they would be any better but the deeper they go into much deeper problems, it is really dangerous to have such a frustrating government to say the list.
    Things have fallen apart for our people in Zambia.

  19. Comrades, the upnd party has failed; they have no clue on how to run Government. From edges of hell, you’re being led by a blind dude.

  20. Guys just work. Lets avoid making excuses and deliver. We don’t want you to fail. Its not a good sign if you are always referring to the vanquished PF just deliver on your promises and makes us happy we don’t want people to die all in the name of it being a transition phase.

  21. It just shows that THird World should not adapt political systems that they dont know anything about. Democratic change doesnt mean the civil service should grind to a halt each time there is a change of government.. May be Kaunda was right. We should return to a one party state.

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