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Former Zambia Army Chief of Operations Arrested over illegal Export of Mukula Logs


The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested former Zambia Army Chief of Operations and an Officer in the Office of the President Special Division for corruption involving exportation of Mukula logs without following laid down procedure.

Brigadier General Gilbert Wails Mulenga (retired) aged 55 of 96 Independence Avenue, Woodlands in Lusaka and Bruce Aongola aged 46, an Executive Officer at the Office of the President Special Division of Lusaka have separately been arrested and charged with one count of Abuse of Authority of Office, contrary to Section 99 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Details are that Brigadier General Gilbert Wails Mulenga whilst acting together with persons unknown on dates unknown but between 1st June 2021 and 30th September 2021 in Lusaka did Abuse the Authority of Office by arbitrarily resolving to regularize an attempted illegal export to China of Twenty-Three (23) containers laden with Mukula logs transported by Ackson Tembo of ACK General Suppliers. This is an act which is prejudicial to the interest of the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

Bruce Aongola has also been arrested and charged with the same offence of Abuse of Authority of Office by arbitrarily resolving to regularize an attempted illegal export to China of Twenty-Three (23) containers laden with Mukula logs transported by Ackson Tembo of ACK General Suppliers.

The duo has since been released on Bond and will appear in court soon.

In October last year, the Commission intercepted and seized a consignment of 23 trucks laden with Mukula logs belonging to Ackson Tembo, a Lusaka Businessman and proprietor of ACK General Suppliers.

The trucks were enroute to neighboring Namibia and Zimbabwe, with unknown final destinations.
Mr. Tembo was recently arrested by the Commission for Conveyancing of Forestry Produce without a License and Unlawful Exportation of Mukula timber contrary to the Laws of Zambia.


  1. This is just more and more evidence of corruption being WIDESPREAD over and under ALL parts of government: civil servants, police, army, ministries, State House – you name it, it’s EVERYWHERE

  2. And they STILL haven’t arrested Edgar China Lungu, the biggest crook of them all – can you believe it?

  3. This morning I was stopped at Waterfalls roadblock, by an overzealous female police officer – my car was DIRTY and therefore she demanded K50! Only when I got out my phone and started videoing the conversation, and zoomed in on her name tag, then she said I had “misunderstood”. Yeah, right, and my father was Jesus Christ and other fantasies!

  4. How can one mere officer be in possesion of such a large consignment of 23 containers and these were not army cargo..this man had clearance from the top given that he was at State House. These people were ruthlessly plundering our resources…we also need to ask the Chinese how much Mukula they had imported from Zambia in the 2021 even with a ban in place.

  5. Ndipo a PF anangenela tu na mu ma bedroom caiwo-iwo! No sector was spared. This is why this vice will continue because the remnants are still there and perfecting the art. Someone should come up with a formula of ensuring we scrap the bottom of the barrel.

  6. If the bragadier general can do this to his own country what more in the time of war??this guy is a traitor , broke the oath of his office which he swore to defend this country from extenal forces of smugglers… he should be quizzed seems like he’s partof the clique.

  7. You have Given Lubinda who was making noise yesterday who had recieved $180,000 from Chink Mukula Traders who transfered it to his personal account as if selling off national resources was not even Lubinda rubs salt into injury by using the same money to buy property in Forest 27. I wonder what even HH7 is not demolishing those properties …the more we hear about it the more angry we become.

  8. Deja vu – Why are you shying away from commenting on this …normally you are the first one to post…really laughable…I thought you were objective anyway you can fooooool new readers not us.

  9. Political persecutions. Remember that army officials always remain loyal and part of the army till death. Don’t be surprised when the army decides to rise up against the f00Iish upnd govt. Army people look out for each other before they look out for a silly politician

  10. It’s what we want to hear – the unravelling of real crime; not pursuing people exercising free speech. But, the people who cut down our precious forests are either extremely selfish & inconsiderate, or just plain ignorant to realise the irreparable damage they are wreaking on a whole swathe of our ecosystem! These days, you can even find Acacia trees wooden sugar bowls etc., – trinkets, made in China, being widely sold on retail websites; and you wonder – was that Acacia wood cut down in Zambia! Truly disheartening, because, Acacia trees are what elephants eat! What are we doing to our heritage?

    #plant a tree please!

  11. We should see police arresting even incumbent seniorgovernment officials. Why are they only arresting those who are not in power. I am very sure these villainous acts are still going on. but our police only act on political orders

  12. Zennia – A Mukula tree takes decades to mature and these PF thieves were stealing and giving it to Chinaman for a song …no wonder the Chinese laugh at Africans, look at Lubinda selling himself and country’s resources for $180K so he can buy more land to boast about as if that is not enough he wants to give away prime ZESCO land with assets for a song …surely how heartless can these morons be and he says we are rebranding the party if PF carry on with these thieves they will find that their top leaders will be running the party from prison.

  13. Can you imagine 5 more years with PF and an absentee President …this is why I campaigned to kick out PF, let’s not this happen again with this new govt let’s keep them honest but in the meantime we need to bring people to account for the plunder regardless of who they were.

  14. Yes stup!d KZ, this army officer was showing his loyalty. Loyal to his corrupt BACK POCKET. I don’t really blame him, I blame his former boss, the totally incompetent and corrupt Edgar China Lungu. Who will be in Lusaka Central Prison soon! And you will be in the cell next to him! Hahaha Kikikiki hehehe hohoho LOL!

  15. All these being arrested are just facilitators or small fish. It’s those “ together with other persons unknown” that we are really interested in. The real masterminds.

  16. Why are u not mentioning Bruce Aongola from the secret service and where he comes from? It’s sad for a decorated general to end up like this.

  17. Aongola for all I know should be Lozi. This then is a clear indication that the crusade against corruption is not targeted at a particular ethnic grouping or tribe, only it shows that a certain people from a certain tribe occupied most government positions of authority.

  18. They abused the trust the Zambian people had vested in them but like they say, what goes up must surely come down, they are now being plucked from their comfort zones one at a time. Political persecution, my foot. When robbing Zambians it was eating in the field and none of these thieves saw anything wrong with that but because the hole is being sealed, it’s wolf, wolf.

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