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Kajoba warns people Masquerading as UPND cadres and goinf against Presidential Directives

General News Kajoba warns people Masquerading as UPND cadres and goinf against Presidential Directives

Inspector-general of police, Lemmy Kajoba has said that there are a few criminal-minded individuals masquerading as UPND cadres who are going against the presidential directives by soliciting money from businessmen and women who are trading in these places

President Hichilema recently directed police to ensure that there is no caderism and unlawful collection of revenue in the bus stations and markets.

Mr. Kajoba has warned police will ensure that those who have chosen to defy these directives are held accountable for their wrongdoings as individuals by bringing them to book.

Mr. Kajoba said that he is aware of the presence of some UPND party officials in the bus stations and markets who are trying their best to adhere to and foster the directives of the president and the party in government so that the policies and the vision of the new dawn government are effectively implemented and grounded.

He has assured that police, will ensure that the new order of doing things in all the trading places across the country is in tandem with the policies of the new dawn government of respecting the rule of law and human rights.


  1. This is a typical example of the failure of Hakainde for appointing cadres to these positions. Their responses to national issues are always partisan. Why are you defending UPND criminals and thugs. If you were a a national police inspector general there would be no political cadre vocabulary in your statements. If anyone commits a crime they are a criminal without the prefix of political party affiliation. But for the so called IG to defend disgraced political cadres of your political party you are not fit to be a national police chief but a political cadre.

  2. So Liswaniso is just masquerading as Upnd Youth Chairman? Kajoba you are out of touch with time and reality. Instead of warnings why don’t you go out there and arrest whoever you see causing violence. Oh no you dare not lest you find yourself out on the streets again… these cadres are very powerful.

  3. He says he’s aware of Upnd cadres in markets and bus stops who are implementing the presidential directives. What? That’s the duty the… to keep law and order. What do you think a cadre is doing in such places if it’s not extortion of money from the vulnerable traders?

  4. What…..is this coming from top Police officer seriously…so he has confessed that he’s UPND Cadre himself…….according to UPND if you you’re Bemba or Nyanja then you’re just masquerading as UPND

  5. It looks like the role of IG is reserved cadres. How does the IG know that these people are masquerading and they are not UPND? You job as IG is to insure law and order regardless of the whether perpetrators of unlawfulness are UPND or any other party.

  6. kkkkk they are not masquerading they are real UPND cadres just arrest them and stop talking too much the president want action and not just talking walk the talk please we have heard too much talking we want action now.Belamona imbale yalokwa ati ni mbwili.

  7. His office looks like a Pawn shop….did he bring all those trophies from retirement back to his office……why so much clutter around…it’s a safety hazard….in case of an emergency how do you even get out from the office…clutter all-over

  8. Am sure he’s talking about those videos with UPND youth threatening to revolt in Bemb……even Liswaniso once threatened Bemba UPND youths the time he had beef with GBM….don’t you remember Liswaniso telling Bemba UPND youths to follow GBM when he left UPND…..

  9. It’s clear they are just criminals under a new party regrouping from towns and known compound under a different commander from ZP and PF more tactical and dangerous than the PF They must be identified as observed and genuine Cadres and leaders allowed to play politics because it’s going to be worse than the PF because the levels of criminal practice s being witnessed under and if the other camps and public begin to tack law in their own hands it will be disorder again So deal in-house as you know as know and control the regrouping to protect also genuine youths in those political Cadres very disappointing

  10. They are not masquerading. They are the real UPND cadres. Disgruntled youths who feel betrayed by the UPND leadership. These youths are starving and have nothing to do . Where is the promise?

  11. IG is politicking, this is proper misbehavior and abuse of office. When they say he is a cadre people doubt. All this load of crap coming from this office?

  12. Elo twafikako nomba!
    Ba entire IG sure telling the nation that ” he is aware of the presence of upnd cadres in markets and bus stations who are doing their best to implement presidential directive”
    Since when was it a duty of party cadres to implement presidential directives?
    which instruments of law and order are the cadres using to be present in these places?
    Are they council workers or law enforcement?
    Kajoba, you are a disgrace and not worthy of the uniform that you wear.

  13. Ati we won’t politicise the police force, and yet here we have these sons of bltchez trying to be politically savy. This is why we got rid of people like kajoba..corrupt ugly f00I

  14. Masquerading, threatening violence, slander, and other straightforward profiles of offence are clearly legislated without involving so-called cadres. What the police need to do is simply apply the fraud and criminal interventions within their jurisdiction and arrest and charge the offenders. We are really getting tired of invisible culprits in plain sight.

  15. IG, arrest the people you have mentioned, failure to do so confirms you are not different from former IG Kanganja as a political cadre.

  16. How do you know they are masquerading ? have you ever caught them and verified their identities. As police you should know that every statement demands proof.

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