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Removing the immunity of Edgar Lungu is not a priority of the new Dawn Administration-Justice Minister

Headlines Removing the immunity of Edgar Lungu is not a priority of the...

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe has said that removing the immunity of former Republican President Edgar Lungu is not a priority of the new dawn administration.

Mr. Haimbe said that he is not aware of any move or motion to remove the immunity of the former Head of State and that there are no discussions on the matter.

The Justice Minister said the new dawn administration is currently busy with running the affairs of the country and delivering on its campaign promises.

Mr. Haimbe has noted that for the immunity to be removed there has to be a legal basis but emphasised that there will be no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.

There has been calls from some section of the media to have the former president’s immunity lifted.

This week, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) proposed that former presidents should automatically lose immunity at the time of handing over the instruments of power to the incoming president.

FODEP executive director George Chimembe said this will save the country resources in pursuing legal action against former heads of state which usually ends up in no prosecution.

Mr. Chimembe said that if a former president is clean at the time of handing over power, there is no reason they should be worried about losing immunity, adding that FODEP believes this will also save the country the time-consuming process whereby a sitting president will have to trigger the constitutional clause to begin the removal of the immunity of a former president.

Mr. Chimembe stated that once former presidents automatically lose immunity upon leaving office, investigative wings will be at liberty to investigate a former president whenever they suspect wrongdoing and not wait for political instructions.

Last year, Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of Southern province said that there was urgent need for the country to do away with the law that provides for presidential immunity against prosecution for both sitting and ousted presidents.

Chief Mukuni said that doing so will be the best way to curb corruption at the highest level of governance in the country.

Commenting on calls from some sections of society to have the immunity of former president Edgar Lungu lifted, the traditional leader said that he has no objection to such a move as it will pave way for the former head of state to clear himself from allegations of corruption in his fallen administration.


  1. Prophet Ian Ndhlovu has already warned you what will happen if you remove the immunity. He said Zambia will not be a safe place to live in because buildings will be burnt. Check out his prophecy on YouTube

  2. Will removing the immunity make tarino shift from his unroofed house and stop eating vinkunbala and okra. Just concentrate on delivering your promises

  3. Now the worst president the country has ever had is being REWARDED for also being the most CORRUPT thieving president. Put him in JAIL! Together with the stup!d KZ!

  4. I dont even know why you bother with Lazy Lungu one of the most useless Presidents in Zambian history…I mean just look at the people who are being charged with corruption all close associates of Lazy, even State House staff…what a digrace, where is his rotten friends Zingaman and Findlay?

  5. Where priority? You have no choice to do so and won’t have the support of a majority in parliament kwindi iwe. You should be more concerned about HH impeachment due to lack of performance. As for no corruption continur wasting time wishing for my arrest while me and ecl continue progressing. You will remain and die poor

  6. How do you say like that?? when every corrupt deal was pointing to state..this guy amassed questionable wealth within a short period of time but still looked humble.

  7. UPND, removing ECL’s immunity should be your number one priority. This is the number one priority of the Zambian people. Always remember that we the Zambian people are your bosses, and we put you in office to do our bidding. We the Zambian people want ECL immunity lifted ASAP, get investigated, charged, prosecuted and caged. Don’t forget to investigate foul mouth Kaizar Zulu, too. They both belong in Chimbokaila.

  8. KZ Impeach HEHH with your 15 MPs in Parley together with that nut case Munir Zulu? Hahaha. Any relations by the way???

  9. KZ Impeach HEHH with your 15 MPs in Parley together with that nut case Munir Zulu?….. Hahaha. Any relations by the way???

  10. Relax guys, we first have to arrest and torture the small fish and then they ll start talking and point to the big fish. Cos if we are talking of striping Lungu’s immunity now, for what reason exactly? Has he been reported to police for wrong doing nothing? But u lazy bums are shouting Immunity immunity, but have u reported the lazy bum to the police? Answer is no! So what reason is there now to lift his immunity?

  11. If you observe carefully your prez said his people are being tutored by the predecessors on how to do graft. What that is indirectly telling you is that if he pulls the chain even his own will be flushed down the toilet. So do not hold your breath. We are in for a patterned kind of ride.

  12. the political wheel…..it turns and turns and turns…. Remember that the DPP is a lawyer of substance the be involved in political talks and is in a constitutional office

  13. Mzambia don’t be naive. If I listed all the things and info we have on hh he would be unseated by next week. Remember I still have OP connections and will always do till I die. Some jobs are for life. Your hh has failed to deliver and you know it deep down.

    Ask yourself this question, if upnd weere generally performing well, then why haven’t upnd diasporans like f00Iish spaka and that big eared rat tarino moved back to join me here in zambia rather than polishing rich whlte people’s shoes and wiping backsides abroad

  14. Some people will just commit suicide with the level of chikonko they have for the man. Move on with your lives, he is no longer the president of this country. Deal with the present and stop dwelling on the past.

  15. @FutureZed, bitterness will consume these looser PF cadres in denial and many are now stroke patients like KZ in a seleleque state.

  16. I do not support this Chief on many issues ( especially participating in active politics ) but I share his concerns on the Presidential immunity. Let the immunity drop off immediately after handing over power. We also do not need that costly clause to build a house for the President. This is a non Partisan issue – let us all agree for once.

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