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UPND wins two Ward by-elections held in Luapula and Western Provinces

General News UPND wins two Ward by-elections held in Luapula and Western Provinces

The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) has won two Ward by-elections held in Luapula and Western Provinces on Thursday.

UPND candidate Charles Safeli scooped the Sokontwe Ward by-elections in Luapula’s Milenge District with 611 votes.

Mr. Safeli’s closest rival Rabby Kunda of the Socialist Party got 516 votes.

The PF’s candidate in Sokontwe Ward Morgan Mayani came out third in the race with 147 votes and Independent candidate Patrick Chola polled 10 votes.

In Liangati Ward of Western Province’s Senanga District, UPND candidate Nyambe Nyambe emerged victorious with 1080 votes.

PF’s Lubinda Nyambe managed only 172 votes.

There were only two contenders in the Liangati Ward by-election.

This is according to the results released by Electoral Commision of Zambia (ECZ) Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga.

The Liangati Ward by-election was held as a result of the death of UPND Councillor Mr. Mwangala Sililo on 4th November, 2021.

In Sokontwe Ward the by-election was necessitated by the resignation of Independent Councillor Vincent Kunda on 28th October, 2021.


  1. They win a mere ward in their strong hold and use corruption to hoodwink voters in luapula and they now think they are popular all over the country. You are in for a rude shock in the kabwata election. If you use violence o will personally use a panga to chop off your heads

  2. It was expected for UPND to win these tuma wards but the big one for KABWATA PR IS WINNING just like it was in KAUMBWE and LUSANGAZI . PF is winning big ones osati tunyankngozola

  3. The criminal and Gangster Pf is dead and buried, it will never ever rise again, it is finito. Criminal organisations never ever rebrands, they just become more brutal and violent. God is good he spared us from this criminal organisation led by a corrupt, incompetent, violent and thieving Lungu.

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