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Linda Kasonde’s Chapter One Foundation files complaint for lack of diversity in Public Offices in Zambia

General News Linda Kasonde's Chapter One Foundation files complaint for lack of diversity in...

Chapter One Foundation and the Young Women in Action have officially complained against the Zambian government to the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights over what it has termed as a lack of diversity in appointing people to public office.

Chapter One Foundation Executive Director Linda Kasonde says the move follows the Constitutional Court’s dismissal in August last year of a case in which the civil society organizations appealed against the lack of inclusivity in appointments of public office bearers.

On 18th August 2021, the constitutional court dismissed the petition by a majority judgment and found that the power of the president to appoint members of cabinet was discretionary.

Further, the court was of the view that the petitioners bore the burden of proving that it was practical to appoint an equal number of women and men, and an equitable number of youth and persons with disabilities and had failed to do so.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, Ms. Kasonde says the situation regarding the lack of diversity in appointments to public office has 24 cabinet ministers, only 4 are women, none are youth, and none are persons with disabilities while only 1 woman is a provincial minister out of 10.

She says following the interpretation of the provisions of article 259 by the constitutional court, the current position of the law in zambia with regard to diversity in appointments to public office is in breach of Zambia’s treaty obligations under the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights and the Maputo Protocol which guarantee non-discrimination and the rights of all persons to participate freely in the governance of their country.

Ms. Kasonde is hopeful that the communication to the African Commission will clarify the standards of compliance required by a member state to the two treaties as regards diversity in representation in public office.

Efforts to get chief government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda on this development proved futile by broadcast time as her phone went unanswered.


  1. Edgar was the best among the presidents Zambia has ever has to promote women in positions of leadership. Yes his regime was oppressive when it came to human rights abuses but on this score kudos to him.

  2. Presidential appointments regardless of abilities are limited to suitably qualified individuals and the president make such qualifications. We are not going to appoint Bowman LusambO in the name of diversity. That’s wrong.

  3. Linda naena sometimes tatontonkanya.
    Yes we know that UPND cabinet is not romantic.
    We just experienced women Jean Kapatas, Nkandu Luo (where is she), some women ministers are even in jail.
    And how many mentally handicapped PF men were in PF cabinet, more than 10 mentally retardant.
    I am just glad you Linda didn’t talk about tribal.

  4. Looks premature to me. Did she try to petition the Zambian government b4 escalating this to the African Union? It’s not an African protocol I’m conversant so I will rely on those in the know to throw light on this issue.

  5. Linda was expecting to be appointed by baal. She is bitter hence these complaints.

    Bally, has no regard for women. All the women you see in new dark government ni cosmetic.

  6. Your friends join Political parties or form their own. Join the bandwagon instead of sitting waiting hoping dreaming.

  7. Aba nabo, by the way I’m not sidelining jst becos I’m a male but, honest speaking, at the stage that we are in Zambia now, it’s like we jst came from war and after the war almost all generals are men, for simple reasons , u ll never find a women in frontline battles , they all stay back in camp tents , either cooking or doing logistics. No same army puts women in frontline even Gadaffi himself had the whole security of men only in disguise every he went. Those women were just for the TVs and Cameras. Therefore, so when war is over & it’s time for Promotions, the army doesn’t promote for the sake of diversity, it’s based on achievements made, and the women back in the tents are also promoted according to their cooking and logistics capabilities. Ofcourse there ll always be one or two…

  8. And Gadaffi kidnapped those women for collateral damage, to make it harder for an enemy to bomb or shoot at his body guards to get to him(who wants to insanely shoot at 14 women randomly, even if those women were security guards)? So Gadaffi kept them as bait or ransom. And not to say they were competent security wise, No! Far from it. Paul Kagame has done the same, lots women in his cabinet, also as ransom or even better he has No resistance or whatever law he decides to pass in parliament(as all those women ll jst say yes sir yes sir, as long as they are paid, doesn’t matter who is suffering).Lungu did the same, and on this one I won’t comment much as you all have better facts than me on the outcomes of that. So, yes HH ll employ women but the problem is , which woman? Already look…

  9. She has a point but we should be realistic that change will not all come at the same time. Bally should be able to make changes as time goes and also it’s important that Linda’ voice is heard and issues raised are looked into.

  10. Jacob is another good example, employed his girlfriend at South African and she diligently helped to bankrupt the once the best airline in Africa. Even you perhaps still think it’s still the best – search for top 5 best airlines in Africa and it won’t even appear on the list. As it is now probably 7/8.

  11. The elephant in the room is that the Zambian electorates themselves don’t vote for women.This is despite the fact that women are in the majority in the voters roll. Just see the August 2021 elections.That is not entirely the presidents or governments problem.

  12. If what this report says is what Linda stated then I dont see any chance of success in any court.. Llack of diversity/inclusivity in appointing people to public office. cannot be enforced unless you give a definition diversity and inclusivity which a court can refer to. This definition should be legal not imagined. I only hope Kasonde was poorly reported.

  13. Meritocracy must rule.

    .. but if that is ignored, then.. do I get a chance? I’m a musungu and if we’re aiming for diversity, then surely I must get in as well ?
    I think I could be a good politician .. I nifuna ndalama like no one’s business. What’s not to like ?
    .. I promise I would be a lesser kawalala than the others 🙂

  14. Linda do you remember what I told you at intercontinental Hotel on 12 July 2021? I warned you darling. I told you upnd would disappoint you


  16. A suppressed people released from suppression wanting to load it on one who is trying to restore rights and freedoms that are entitled to the citizenry! @ #11, Independent raises a valid observation and while the “diversity” referred to means favors to certain groups in appointments without them joining the competitive atmosphere! There’s for example poor participation by women for elective office, stand out youths for lack of mentoring are difficult to identify and, even in the private sector the “diversity” practice is non existent so other than just raising a complaint what suggestion is Linda advancing that can help inclusivity and diversity in government structures considering there are political, parastatal and, civil service appointments.

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