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UPND Youth Opposes Minister of Sports’s Youth Empowerment Indaba, It’s Wastage of Resources


United Party for National Development (UPND) National Management Committee (NMC) member and Deputy Youth Chairperson Cindy Kauka has opposed the plan by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts to hold a National Youth Indaba.

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Arts Elvis Chishala Nkandu late last year disclosed that his Ministry had embarked on plans to hold a National Youth Indaba.

Mr. Nkandu, the Kaputa Member of Parliament, said the National Youth Indaba will aim at coming up with a road map on how best to address challenges facing the youth across the country.

In a statement issued on Friday, Ms. Kauka said the party youth leadership stands ready to support youth transformation programs by Government but warned the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Arts against repeating what she termed as the same failed ways that the previous PF regime used.

She revealed that the UPND youth leadership is aware that the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts wants to invite 1500 youths for the indaba.

Ms. Kauka further questioned the criteria being used by the Ministry to select the 1500 youths.

She said the Ministry of Youths has turned itself into an implementation arm making the Youth Development Council irreverent.

“We have noted with concern the proposed policy direction from the Ministry of Youth and Sports on the empowerment of young people. We are advising the Ministry to engage key stakeholders such as the UPND youth leadership on how best to empower the youths,” Ms. Kauka said.

“We stand ready to support the transformation agenda of young people in the country but we shall not support the copy and paste of PF failed ways of doing things. We are aware that the Ministry of youths is planning to hold a youth indaba though we have not been engaged as stakeholders. We are strongly against the wastage of resources on meetings and workshops instead of channeling the resources to the actual empowerment programs of young people. We know the President is against this as well. So let the Minister engage us as youth leaders because if these empowerment plans fail it is the party that will be insulted” she said.

Ms. Kauka said UPND party youths have no intentions to interfere with Government operations but said that does not mean the party has no say in the Governance of the country.

“We are an interested party when it comes to youth empowerment programs because we have the largest following of young people, some who sacrificed their lives to have the change of government. We demand for transparency in the way things are being handled. So far we don’t know what criteria the Ministry is using to empower young people.”

She said funds to be used in hosting the National Youth Indaba should be channeled toward empowerment programmes.

“We don’t know what criteria were used to come up with 1500 youths that will attend the indaba. This is the New Dawn government and the ways of doing things must change. We have directors at the ministry of youths who openly campaigned for PF and are now trying to frustrate our youths and we demand for removal of such individuals” Ms. Kauka stated.

She concluded her media statement by pledging to support President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership.

Ms. Kauka further wished President Hichilema God’s blessings.

She said:“We have been receiving messages of gratitude across the country for the work that President Hichilema is doing to develop the country. Our people are happy with free education and increased Constituency Development Funds (CDF). The people are also happy with the efforts President Hichilema is making to market our country on a global scale and as youth leaders we are behind our President and we wish him God’s blessings.”


  1. Just investigate this youth leader, because most of them are PF turned UPND youths paid by some disgruntled ministers to destabilise. Scrutinise them, could be a grand scheme here, anything is possible

  2. How will we come to this conference when us the youths of Mtendere don’t have water for over 3 days now from Lusaka water

  3. UPND is on course, the damage from the ubomba mwibala alya mwibala regime was so huge that it will take atleast two years for people to start seeing some change, the country is heavily indebted and literally in tatters, borrowing was reckless and from open commercial markets whose interests are above the moon, the youths should exercise some patience, the driver will control

  4. Upnd is one of the most divided ruling parties in history. Its not been a year yet they are already fighting amongst themselves. Very uncivilised.

    Meanwhile I just want to say thanks to my well wishers and supporters who send me messages and letters everyday. You make me feel positive and humbled to know that you have my back. Below are some messages I received recently;
    1)Kz you are missed and we pray you bounce back
    2) kaizer we regret voting in that disappointment bally. I will vote pf next time
    3) I am not after your money sir just wantd to say kabwata is going to pf. We always vote pf
    5) boss you are millions time better than that snakl boy Anthony bwalywa

  5. Love them or hate them, UPND is on course. The man has put up a solid team to deliver, give them 3 years and watch this space. Zambia will be a transformed country. UPND will deliver

  6. If I was HH would drop Elvis immediately and replace with gelo Kauka who is thinking better than all ministers. Elvis and Kabanana have done nothing except buying new suits.
    There are women with BRAINS and not balls out there.

  7. I agree. No need. What we need is implementing reports and recommendations that have been done over the last over 50 years. Just address these things for the youth and check on their progress on the ground with your officials.

  8. @Kaizar how much do you pay LT to allow you say all that nonsense, then us with great minds our comments are blocked?
    LT I can pay you any amount, just throw price here in public, not dark corner transaction you do with @ Kaizar and @ Bowman.

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