Friday, February 23, 2024

UPND denies attacking Socialist Party Members as Opposition Parties complain about Time table violations


The ruling united party for national development has denied allegations that its party cadres attacked the socialist party campaign team and the Kabwata candidate in Lilayi’s Kamulanga area during the weekend.

According to reports, UPND cadres allegedly attacked the socialist party Kabwata parliamentary by-election candidate, Trevor Ngandwe, and also injured some members of his campaign team as they conducted campaigns in Lilayi’s Kamulanga ward.

But UPND presidential mobilization team member, Henry Haachombwa charges that the Socialist Party is only trying to remain relevant which is why it is coming up with all sorts of accusations and allegations against the ruling party.

Mr. Haachombwa stated that the Kabwata by-election campaigns are peaceful and the UPND has continued and will remain peaceful throughout the campaigns.

UPND allegedly attacked the Socialist Party Kabwata parliamentary by-election candidate, Trevor Ng’andwe, and also injured some members of his campaign team as they conducted campaigns in Liyalis Kamulanga ward.

Confirming the development, Party vice president Dr. Cosmas Musumali alleged that this is the second time that UPND cadres are attacking Socialist Party campaigners in Kabwata in broad daylight and in the presence of the media.

Dr. Musumali has charged that the UPND cadres are now targeting the Socialist party members for violence as similar incidences also happened in Kaumbwe, Mwansabombwe, and Milenge where party members were injured and their motor vehicles destroyed.

He explained that as per the ECZ timetable, the day they were attacked was officially the Socialist Party’s day to be in the area to the campaign.

Dr. Musumali has lamented that all the attacks were reported to the police but to date, no arrests have been made.


  1. M’Membe is now being like Chimbwili and Nevers, always complaining about all sorts of things just to remain relevant. We just come out of national polls and these are chaps who curved out votes less than spoiled ones.

  2. Humans are a curious lot. So this is basically a group of individuals who have assigned themselves labels and certain “characteristics” upon which they establish discrimination one from the other. Fo.olishness is what this is… enough said.

  3. Let’s see the videos………..

    You mean none of you have mobile phones to record such instances ????..

    This is what we advised UPND to do while in opposition, and they did with spectacular results as zambians turned against the wanton thuggery of PF………….

  4. How can one attack a person who is not even near the throne? If it was PF attacked i could have agreed they they very close to the seat. They can even win it if the UPND are not very careful.
    Not ba chimbwi aba ba Shoshosho Party.

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