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President Hichilema to update Africa’s Heads of States on Zambia’s preparedness to host the AU mid-year coordinating summit


President Hakainde Hichilema is scheduled to participate in the 35th ordinary session of the assembly of the African Union scheduled for 5th to 6th February 2022, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Stanley Kakubo has said that President Hakainde Hichilema is expected to update the assembly of heads of state and government at the African Union Summit on Zambia’s preparedness to host the African Union mid-year coordinating summit in July 2022.

In a statement released to the media today, Mr. Kakubo said that the president is expected to deliver his maiden speech along with other new heads of state and government on the continent, adding that this will be the first time president Hichilema will be attending the annual summit since taking office in august 2021.

The ordinary session of the assembly of the African Union, which is normally attended by heads of state and government from the continent, will be convened under the theme “building resilience in nutrition and food security on the African continent: strengthen agriculture, accelerate human capital, social and economic development”.

The summit is expected to deliberate on, among other issues, the African union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic in Africa; the African union institutional reforms; the implementation of the African union agenda 2063; the African continental free trade area (AFCFTA), and the African union financial institutions.

The assembly is also expected to consider the state of peace and security in Africa as well as the implementation of the African union master roadmap of practical steps to silence the guns in Africa.

Mr. Kakubo said that government remains committed to ensuring that the country continues to be an active member of the African Union.

Mr. Kakubo said that president Hichilema has continued to emphasize the importance of promoting Intra African trade and collaboration for the beneficial economic and social development of the continent.


  1. We have leadership now so whatever you ll say, the AU won’t argue or doubt. Infact they are equally intimidated by your policies,determination & the focus. Most of them are jealous of Zambia cos now they know that we gonna be a model in almost everything; the old peace story, and now Best leadership/president(they ve been watching you since New York), Very very soon top Copper producer in Africa, very very soon fastest growing economy in Africa, very very soon electric vehicles/electric battery production in Africa, cherry on top : Free Education(they are dying to buy Zambian IDs now onwards). Hahahahahhahahah

  2. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say and see if you are going to embrace blockchain.

    The only way to combat world hunger and silence the guns in Africa, is with Blockchain.

    Blockchain will do away with Correlation in Governments.

  3. Every event he needs to attend so long as it involves flying. These are events that can be attended by the relevant minster. Is this not what that boy hh used to say whenever the greatest president ECL travelled? Fuseke

  4. Sulking with jealous, hate comments, disparaging tantrums to the president, will just stress you to death. HH is still president for more years to come, its a lost cause. We have won in Kabwata agony additive to continue.

  5. Kaleza kaiser will choke to death. His bitterness is out of control and it must really hurt!! Only prayers will save him . He needs help and fast


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