Friday, March 1, 2024

Given Lubinda has not been put under House Arrest-Zambia Police


The Zambia Police has dispelled as false some media reports suggesting that opposition patriotic front acting president Given Lubinda has been put under house arrest.

Reports on social media suggest that state security has surrounded the premises of Mr. Lubinda in the Chalala area.

But Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has described it as a falsehood that it has put Mr. Lubinda under house arrest.

Mr. Hamoonga said that no amount of falsehood will sway the police from carrying out its legal mandate of maintaining law and order during the ongoing elections in Kabwata constituency and throughout the country.

Mr. Hamoonga has disclosed that the police have apprehended 6 patriotic front cadres who are alleged to have been involved in electoral malpractices in Kabwata Constituency.

The 6 and a driver where using a Toyota Land Cruiser beige in colour which upon being stopped by police the driver, later on, sped off bashing a police motor vehicle and almost running over a police officer.

Police Service Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga says despite several warning shots the driver did not stop.

However, PF Kabwata Parliamentary candidate Clement Tembo accused some police officers of colluding with the UPND to intimidate PF election monitors and other officials in Kabwata.

Speaking to journalists after holding a meeting with Deputy Inspector General of Police Operations Milner Muyambango yesterday afternoon, Mr. Tembo said some overzealous officers are aiding UPND cadres to commit criminal activities by beating PF election monitors.


  1. A clealr sign that they rigged and used state machinery to intimidate opposition. Look at the vote difference. We know what happened and if that upnd candidate has a conscious he should stand down otherwise karma will get him like the predecessor

  2. Mourners sulking with bitterness now wailing over election loss in Kabwata. KZ and Thorn in the flesh are chief mourners shortly to be professional mourners as 5 years is a long way. Mukose. Bitterness compounded with jealousy will not shorten the tenure of UPND and HH in power. More Kabwata type of results to follow. Meantime, continue providing checks and balance but thieves will wish earth can swallow them, in this environment they are unwelcome.

  3. If it is not true that Given Lubinda is under
    House arrest then make it true by putting
    Him under house arrest.As he claims a Chinese company gave him a loan,,?
    Mr Lubinda show Zambians where to get
    Loans from China

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