Tuesday, March 5, 2024

President Hichilema Must Fire those Corrupt Ministers and Curb Lawlessness



By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

President Hakainde Hichilema must fire Ministers that have been implicated in the illegal mining and smuggling of a rare gemstone called Sugilite in Chembe District, in Luapula. President Hichilema must also discipline the UPND Deputy National Youth Chairman, Stephen Chikota who stormed the area under dispute, with a horde of cadres and threatened the Police guarding the area, with dismissals and transfers if he was not allowed access to the premises.

Mr. Chikota also demanded to have “a word” with the investor, an action that clearly threatens the investor. It is a government that issued the licenses and if there are any complaints or grievances, they must be dealt with in a legal way and not through the lawlessness perpetrated by Mr. Chikota. These lawless actions instill fear in law enforcement agencies and were roundly rejected by Zambians on the 12th August 2021 elections.


Mr.Chikota stormed an area in Muombe Village in Chembe District accompanied by a group of UPND cadres. The area is being protected by the Zambia Police because of a raging dispute between the Indian farmer/Miner and the UPND.
What is worrying in the video are the allegations made by Chikote. He has also threatened to expose corrupt Ministers allegedly protecting the investor. He also defied the Police and threatened to have them transferred or fired if he was not allowed access to the premises.

From the video, he claims that the farmer has a prospecting mining license for copper, cobalt, and manganese but he is mining Sugilite, a rare and expensive gem, popular and won as an ornament for its healing properties. Whatever the facts, the actions by Chikota remind us of a period of lawlessness perpetrated by party cadres and their senior officials holding state institutions captive and paralyzed.


A systematic way must be established to protect our natural resources, especially mineral resources that are being stolen in the name of prospecting. Further, the favoring of or giving official preference to foreigners and foreign entities over Zambians and Zambia’s interests is extremely worrying. Let us empower our people.


Numerous reports are now emerging in the public and media domain that Ministers and senior Government officials engaged in wanton acts of corruption and abuse of offices. It is sad that when these matters are being reported, like in the past, the reports are being casually dismissed or people are advised to report to Law Enforcement Agencies. President Hichilema has a noble duty to establish facts as President and deal with the rise of corruption and lawlessness among his senior appointed officials.


  1. It’s too early for upnd ministers to engage in corruption. Only five months in office, there are a lot of cases of corruption and conspiracy. Very unfortunate!!!

  2. PF was full with corrupt elements this chap never said or advised Lungu today he wants to seem concerned. HH will look into it with his team. Please leave the man alone to govern. Your rotten PF destroyed Zambia.

  3. Utterly nauseating. From whence has this new wisdom and concern for the welfare of Zambians, and not the ruling clique and self come from? Just the gall and shamelessness to say what you say with a straight face!

  4. Who are you to even start thinking of what to tell HH what to do. You squandered your ten years in power and failed to work. How can one surely call a fly over bridge as development

  5. Zambians they didn’t vote for Tayali in Kabwata, they voted for a dull thing.
    PF be wise vote for Emmanuel as PF president, don’t be idyots.

  6. First, all PF thieves should be arrested and their proxies disguising as investors. The method used by our youths on-spot checks is recommendable because our system is still poluted with dirt PF loyalists.

  7. Keep quite Mr Mwamba and spare us of your hypocrisy., elitist perfumes and your self imaginary fame and influence. Why were the following ministers not fired during your PF governance even after being involved in daylight theft of public resources ?

    1. Bowman Lusambo
    2. Chitalu Chlufya
    3. Ronald Chitotela
    4. Christopher Yaluma (who bought 100 x 30 ton trucks in one day)
    5. Joseph Malanji (the grade 10)
    7. Michael Katambo with all the fertiliser thefts and FISP abuse
    8. Richard Musukwa
    9. Mathews Nkhuwa with all the diesel deals and ZESCO abuse.

    Come on remove the log in your eye first which is 12 years old than a five months speck in someone’s eye. Your party hounded out all formidable officials from Northwestern, Western and southern so that your party can freely insult…

  8. Lies………….

    PF engaged corrupt indians and Chinese to ripp zambia off ……….

    Look closely , PF ministers are behind this mine of this very rare mineral…….Sugilite

    Well done Mr minister for enlightening Zambians that this rare mineral is mined in zambia

  9. This is how zambia is being milked……..

    Who knew Sugilite was mined in zambia ??

    They probably said they are prospecting or mining copper …………..

    All mines need to be revisited to know what is being mined……..

  10. This is how zambia is being milked……..

    Who knew Sugilite was mined in zambia ??

    They probably said they are prospecting or mining copper …………..

    All mines and mining activities need to be revisited to know what is being mined……..

    Many many minerals unknown about by Zambians are being stolen…………

  11. This late Chiluba guard is JUST a seeking attention from the public after a failed rigging process in which he was part of it.

  12. He thinks like we have been hit by amnesia and we ‘ve suddenly forgotten all the wrongs he supported just to remain amb. Non factor iwe cimbwi

  13. What a f##cking tribalistic sore loser! This Katangese kaboke must shut up or someone must put him in his place!

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