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Government to tackle youth unemployment through skills training to create a self-employment platform-Mutati


The new dawn government has a singular purpose to tackle youth unemployment through skills training to create a self-employment platform says Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati.

Mr. Mutati said the country has the capacity to rebuild the economy through competencies derived from skills acquisition by youths.

Speaking during the handover of donated training equipment, a bus, a truck horse, and a driving simulator, Mr. Mutati was grateful for the gesture by Transaid UK and commended the Industrial Training Center (ITC) management for delivering skills, tools, and competencies in lifting up capabilities of trainees.

Honorable Mutati said the donation is a clear demonstration of a partnership to support the youths in skills training and that an integration of skills development, with the transport and logistics sector working as one force will eliminate inefficiencies and instill competencies in the drivers and provide for safety on the roads.

Mutati called on ITC management to expand on its operations, commercially, and generate own income that will enhance training and supplement government efforts.

And Transport and Logistics Minister Frank Tayali said government appreciates ITC and Transaid’s initiative for enhancing training through collaborations.

Mr. Tayali said the government is also elated with ITC for the purchased land in Chibombo district that will result in improved driver education with a view to producing highly trained and disciplined driver operators for safety.

Honorable Tayali disclosed that many road carnage cases are as a result of incompetence hence the new dawn government’s agenda has attached relevanence to skills training.

He urged all transporters to take advantage of ITC training and avoid road carnage in the country.

Mr. Tayali commended Transaid UK for the support rendered to ITC.

Speaking at the same event ITC executive director Llyod Mbasela said the Institute and Transaid UK partnership strength has over the years grown through its vibrant training in professional driving ranging from class A to class CE levels, and inclusive other training programs in engineering courses (power electrical, and automotive)

Mr. Mbasela said ITC also provides transport and logistics services to the public by transporting goods.

And in his remarks, ITC board chairperson professor Francis Yamba said the donation by Transaid is a landmark that has added value to the safety of people from road carnage on the Zambian roads through imparted knowledge and skills to the learner drivers.

Transaid UK director at the Zambian office Fidelia Mwaba said her organization’s partnership with ITC provides for road safety standards that help transform lives through training support.

And MoTS director planning Succeed Mubanga said the gesture by the two Ministers sharing a platform to promote skills is a sign that the new dawn government is committed to promoting synergies evidently seen on many forums.


  1. This is the truth about employment. Youths who voted PF out should know that UPND does not have jobs but they will equally follow what PF used to promise or plan through skills development. The only distinction UPND can have is to fully commit to it and and invest more in survival skills and open factories that make items we use every day like furniture, phone accessories, motor vehicle simple parts like plugs, bolts and some suspension parts, start making corn flakes since we have maize all over Zambia, start packaging fruit juices like mangoe and many more. Youths, there’s no country where a political party come switch jobs into power, they create them through policies and sometimes it may even take 10 years or 20 years to actualise certain things. The only problem we have in Zambia is…

  2. The only problem we have in Zambia is each political party that comes into power scatters what their friends started with no consideration or if they like something they will recommission it as being done by them.

  3. What is lacking is not skills but opportunities. Create opportunities…Felix you can ask your elder brothers how the mines used to afford these opportunities to mine township youths.

  4. They promised the youth heaven on earth. They have now failed to deliver and are giving you stories. I at least employ youths in my companies. What has hh done for you apart from him flying around the world acting like he is better than all of us. He is a mad president

  5. Open just 5 big farms and 2 factories, and all Zambians will be employed. Not carpentry training you idyots.
    Where are the PF buses and fuel tankers?

  6. Mutati, it is not the skill that is lacking. Here below, I sing;

    Zambians look straight ahead. Face your fears of failing to be in charge of your economy. Confront your doubts and doubt your doubts. This is in reference to surrendering our resourses to foreigners for a printed dollar.

  7. For me: this is one minister that has HH’s policies at heart-Tangible results & Delivery. The man has really studied his homework, every time he comes out, he speaks & delivers development. If not for his age he would ve made a better president after HH retires.

  8. Of course in the long-run most youths will be in some gainful livelihood. There will be no handouts as it was with PF corrupt regime. UPND and HH will continue to correct, clean the mess left by PF and ECL. Zambians rejected PF rule in August 2021 and have continued to reject as evidenced by Kabwata by- elections on 3rd Feb 2021. So, bitterness will choke you to death, just give it-up, begin to be realistic and provide better checks and balance to the good governance of UPND.

  9. If the youths were trained in road maintenance while being funded by either government or town councils and monitored to repair the roads in Copperbelt towns, ultimately they could open their own business to ensure roads were maintained BEFORE they become impassable. Road contractors have businesses all over the world. It’s not necessary to wait for the Chinese to repair our roads in Zambia.

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