Sunday, February 25, 2024

Six PF cadres charged with the offence of proposing violence


Police in Lusaka have charged six PF cadres with the offense of proposing violence. The cadres were allegedly involved in electoral malpractices during the just ended Kabwata by-election.

The suspects were using a vehicle that sped off upon being stopped by the police. The vehicle that was being driven by the cadres bashed a Police vehicle and almost run over a Police officer.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that the cadres have since been released on Police bond.

“Police have so far charged and arrested the Six Patriotic cadres namely: M/Joshua Matebele Tembo aged 38 of house number 11 Zongwe road in Kamwala South, M /Kasper Bwalya aged 31 of unknown house number in Chawama, M/Jackson Phiri aged 25 of unknown house number in Chawama, M/Titus Kasunga aged 29 of the unknown house in Kamwala south, M/Blessings Mukupa aged 25 of unknown house number in Kamwala South and Lazarous Mwansa aged 29 of Matero Compound for the offense of Proposing Violence,” Mr. Hamoonga stated.

He stated that the cadres have all been released on police bond and will appear in court soon.

Mr. Hamoonga stated that police have further recovered and impounded the Toyota Land Cruiser registration BAT 6157 that had sped off bashing a police vehicle and almost running over a police officer at Ebeneza Polling Station in Chilenje on 3rd February 2022.


  1. William Banda was on record warning PF to behave or He and his UPND colleagues would deal with them. To me that’s also proposing violence. I thought we voted against selective justice

  2. Political persecutions. Charging people for something as gay as proposing violence when upnd thugs are actually committing violence with impunity. Doesn’t surprise Me cause the orders are coming from a gay mad president

  3. Violent thugs in the name of politics need to be arrested and Zambians have always known violent thugs now arrested. We urge the police to arrest these rogues and former ministers who stole from Zambian people. The nation is now peaceful.

  4. Hey stup!d KZ, you surely haven’t forgotten that under your corrupt thieving incompetent former president Edgar China Lungu several innocent citizens were SHOT by some trigger-happy police officers??? And that these officers were NEVER charged??? And that Edgar China Lungu and yourself should be locked up in Lusaka Central Prison???

  5. Arrest them n let ‘em serve with hard labour , do it to set an example to would be transgressors. A danger to national security.

  6. No corruption, under upnd a mere useless presidential photographer is earning 95000 per month. And you think that is normal. That’s what happens when you use your tribe to support f00Iish things. You are a f00Iish wet smelly dog.

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