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Fuel price manipulation has saved UPND from losing a seat in parliament


By Venus N Msyani

Rescheduled by-election and a K1.00 drop on fuel price have saved Zambia ruling party United Party for National Development (UPND from losing a seat in parliament.

Kabwata constituency in Lusaka province held by-election on Feb 3rd 2022. It has been won by UPND and was won by the same party last August.

The seat was left vacant after the death of the area member of parliament last November. Rescheduling and a K1.00 drop on fuel price have saved the ruling UPND from losing it.

The by-election was supposed to be held on January 20th 2022. Was cancelled because the United Progressive People (UPP) candidate Francis Libanda decided to discontinue his campaign. Zambian law demands that when that happens new nominations must to take place.

The first round of the campaign, before the by-election was cancelled, proved to be difficult for UPND. President Hakainde Hichilema experienced a very tough time selling the message that the country is better under his administration.

Few days after the first round of campaign had kicked off, a video came out on YouTube showing Kabwata residents complaining about UPND cadres harassing people in the area.

You promised no caderism, but what is this? Kabwata residents are shown questioning President Hichilema Hichilema on the video. He promised that there will be no cadreism under his administration.

The council took over local markets and bus stations in the country few days after the United Party for National Development (UPND) took presidency.

These were the main breeding places for cadres in the previous government. Are where cadres bullied and harassed people most.

Testimonies are being heard as a result of absence of cadres in these areas. People are saying are enjoying peace in markets and bus stations in the country.

Unfortunately, UPND couldn’t use that as a campaign message for Kabwata by-election as cadreism proved to have persisted in the area. Residents questioning president Hakainde on cadreism shattered the idea.

In the final round of the campaign it became even more hard for HH to sell his message in the area that Zambia is better under his administration. In the middle of the campaign, UPND cadres were captured on a video storming the office of Kasama District Administrative Officer, Beauty Namukoko, beating and brutalizing her and accusing her of failing to give UPND youths empowerment funds.

It made peace in markets and bus stops no longer helpful for UPND to win the hearts of electorate in Kabwata as Mis Namukoko attack appeared to unite the country. Every Zambian condemned the attack and Kabwata residents weren’t exceptional.

The new dawn administration needed something different to win the hearts of Kabwata residents and the country at large. At a last minute, dropped price of fuel by a kwacha, capitalized on it and quickly took the message to every corner of Kabwata telling people that Zambia is getting better. People of Kabwata bought the message and have given UPND another chance.

Under Patriotic Front (PF) fuel price was K17 per liter. Today it is K19 per liter. Would one be wrong to conclude that people of Kabwata constituency have been corned? Definitely, a K1.00 drop on fuel price was orchestrated to blind them.


  1. This is a very childish analysis. Only a Grade 2 child can analyze like this. A K1 drop in fuel prices can not and would not have made the people of Kabwata to vote for UPND. The real factor and issue is that the people are still tired of the PF misrule and will never look behind. PF is like a man who mistreats his wife for ten years and subjects his wife to suffering and misery. When the wife decides to leave him after divorce and gets married to another man, the former husband comes to cheat and make stories, knowing very well that the woman is this time in good hands of a husband better than the former husband. You think the Zambian people are so dull that they can change their minds because of a 1K. That’s why am saying that childish thinking. If the Zambian people of Kabwata were…

  2. But why PF brought cheap propaganda politics of debt swap in the run up of 12th August elections, people didn’t buy it. I advise you remnant of PF to take care of yourselves to go back to the land although you have no land you sold it to foreigners Chinese. You won’t bounce back, may be those in Eastern province can continue as PF MPs. Not in other provinces you will be stripped those ranks fast. Nakachinda is like Madam Inonge Wina representing PF without followers from the region he comes from. May be UPND planted Nakachinda in PF to completely destroy it , who knows.

  3. Useless analysis……., with the 27% Voter turnup, this analysis doesnt fit the vote pattern.
    Kabwata Constituency experienced the similar voting pattern as on August 12th, one conclusion that can be drawn, is that UPND, in fact, failed to sway the PF voters on their side.

  4. PF cadre making himself relevant through heaps of lies – that will not nullify Kabwata election out come – UPND forward chabe

  5. Agreed. This analysis is bull crap! You mean Zambians don’t seriously think about issues? They can be swayed so easily. This s**t is insulting. Go take a perch! Let the elders work.

  6. ‘In the final round of the campaign it became even MORE HARD for HH to sell’.
    ‘Every Zambian condemned the attack and Kabwata residents weren’t EXCEPTIONAL.’
    And he has a Zambian Grade 12 certificate???


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