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European Union Election Observation Mission invites HH to attend EU Parliament


The European Union Election Observation Mission has extended an invitation to President Hakainde Hichilema to attend the European Union Parliament and share the country’s democratic experience following last year’s general election.

Chief Observer, Maria Arena says the peaceful elections and transition of power observed during last year’s General election is a clear indication that Zambia appreciates democracy and has asked President Hichilema to share the experience with the EU parliament.

Ms. Arena has congratulated President Hichilema and the people of Zambia for the peaceful elections held in 2021.

She said this when she led a delegation of EU election observers in submitting the detailed report for the August 2021 General election to the President at State House in Lusaka today.

In receiving the report, President Hichilema expressed gratitude to the EU for their consistent support to the country’s electoral process over the years and for submitting good reports.

The President said Government will carefully study the report and the recommendations submitted by the observer mission, alongside the reports submitted for the elections held before.

He said the contributions of the EU, the AU, and the Commonwealth played a huge role in the electoral process and the smooth transition that took place after as they have done in subsequent elections.

The EU Election Observer Mission delegation included the EU Ambassador Jack Jankowski, Deputy Chief Observer Dimitra Loannov, and EU Political Officer Jaume Soler.


  1. Mugabe,Thomas Sankara, Ghadhafi,Nkhruma all are rolling in their graves….we have a demagogue western world puppet President auctioning Zambia…and what happened to the South African fake trip…is this how he will be getting away with stealing and wasting tax payers money and abuse of office????? Come on Zambia…..HH needs to be investigated and impeached from office

  2. Look now lungu………

    No one wants to associate with you………..

    Your rule will go fown as the worst of Zambian presidents…………

  3. #1  Saulosi 
    February 10, 2022 At 8:20 am

    “..Mugabe,Thomas Sankara, Ghadhafi,Nkhruma all are rolling in their graves….we have a demagogue….”

    Will mugabe and Co fix zambias economy ?

    After 2031 , Zambians will be clamouring for more HH………….

  4. It is not HH you should be inviting. It is Lungu, the one who conceded defeat or the Zambian people who voted him out pissyfully. Of course you cannot invite 19 million people but how about giving them $20 billion as an incentive for all other African countries to embrace democracy as the continent is sliding back to military coups. You are giving Ukraine 5 times this amount so, you can afford it for Zambia. Or is it a case of blood being thicker than water? So, we Africans end up with a couple dozen million dollars only!

  5. #6  THE SAINT
     February 10, 2022 At 10:05 am

    “It is not HH you should be inviting. It is Lungu, the one who conceded defeat or the Zambian people who voted him out….”

    Lungu had no option but to consider defeat………

    The rigging scheme in place was overwhelmed by the margin of defeat…….

    Lungu tired to put forward conditions that were unacceptable to all in negotiations after his defeat…………

    From the burning of citizens in our streets during the gassing, to the barbaric PF cader violence to looting if resources……..

    No one wants to accociste with lungu

  6. Who will pay for the trip? If grz let the running mate represent him since she actually sits in parliament responding to questions

  7. This friendship will one day land us into deeper waters. I don’t trust these demagogues with their enticing tongues. It will end in tears for BMW.

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