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Some contracts have continued to be pegged at a high cost-HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that he will not relent in protecting public resources and anyone found wanting will be fired.

President Hichilema said that it is unfortunate that some contracts have continued to be pegged at a high cost thereby going against the UPND Policy on contracts which should be the right price, quality and timeliness.

Speaking when he swore in six permanent secretaries and chairperson for the Zambia Correctional Service at state house today, President Hichilema said such conducts show that some Permanent Secretaries are not monitoring the tender committees.

He said permanent secretaries should be the reflection of change that the Zambian people desire to see as they implement UPND policies.

President Hichilema expressed confidence that through taking certain measures, the country will rebuild the economy.

And, President Hichilema has urged the Chairperson of the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) to actualize the transformation of the Service by improving the welfare of both inmates and the staff.

He said government has already bought mattresses and blankets for inmates as a way to ensure they live in a decent environment.

President Hichilema urged the Chairperson to ensure the inmates are able to clean their environment.

He has since urged them to take their oaths seriously as they serve the Zambian people under the new dawn administration.

Among those sworn in are the ZCS Chairperson Everisto Kalonga , Dr Mutinta Musonda Permanent Secretary for Administration Cabinet office , Mervis Nkomesha Permanent Secretary Special duties Cabinet office, Angela Kawandami Special duties Cabinet Office and Lillian Kapusana who will serve as Permanent Secretary Office of the Vice President.

The Head of State also swore in Sebastian Akapelwa who is Western Province Permanent Secretary and Robert Kamalata as Permanent Secretary Lusaka Province.


  1. Continue pondering on corruption not being accepted in the ND govt until every one gets it. There is a lot of mind set changing required in our civil services.

  2. The buck stops with you. Why cry out loud that contracts continue to be pegged at a high cost? Are you not in charge? Have you all of a sudden become helpless under 5 President?

  3. You get a feeling that he wishes he himself was PS and that he is disappointed with his appointments.
    Mr. Know it all he wanted to be PS for all sectors.

  4. Dear Lusaka Times can we please see the CVs of these persons appointed at controlling officers level with access to a vx or prado v8…personal to holder…never mind a thre year contract (lucrative)….

  5. Getting rid of a facilitating cabal of politicians is only a first step. The next step is for their enablers to also be weeded out. The civil service fellas collude with politicians. You might be shocked that there is a bigger rot rooted there than in the party in government at any given time.

  6. This is a very big government. What are those ‘SPECIAL’ duties at Cabinet Office? Is this not just job creation for the so called ‘Princess?’ We were told that people who have no connections would be getting jobs, but I am afraid to say that this is not turning out to be the case. Now we hear that nothing has changed as far as procurement is concerned. We warned that putting inexperienced people in office will not solve the problems there were before. Most former civil servants under PF were professional in doing their jobs but they were frustrated by political interference. In another life, they would have done very well. Now, you have to send these boys and girls to Nursery school to learn A, B, C. By the time they have learned, it will be 2026.

  7. It’s because of the PF cadres that you keep on maintaining in key positions Mr. President. Get rid of the whole lot pls do we there is talking then we know it’s just us. But you ve left too much PF cadres still holding positions in the name of unity. Now they are the ones doing all sorts of crime in your name(UPND). Fire them now!

  8. To get contracts at lower peg Mr Hakainde should use his own companies to do the jobs. The Kwacha has gone beserk and you expect cheap quotations. Study the content of the quotation before you decide whether it’s too high or not.

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