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New dawn government advised not to back track on its promise to repeal the Public Order Act


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has advised the new dawn government not to backtrack on its promise to repeal the Public Order Act and ensure adherence to regional and international standards for freedom of assembly, movement, and expression.

Commenting on the latest report on Zambia’s August 12, 2021 General Election by the European Union observation mission which among other recommendations has recommended that the act be repealed, TIZ Executive Director Maurice Nyambe wants the UPND administration to provide a clear roadmap for repealing the Public Order Act.

Mr. Nyambe said that the act must be replaced with a law that will be more reflective of the current dynamics in promoting effective citizen participation in political and other discourse, whilst maintaining public order.

Mr. Nyambe also supports the EU Mission’s recommendation on the need for a formalized cooperation or signed agreement for closer collaboration among the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Civil Society, and the media.


  1. Not even a year in office and they are torturing opponents and arbitrarily arresting them. We warned Zambians about this Bush party. You deserve to suffer for your silly decisions

  2. Freedom of assembly and movement is there…………

    Freedom of expression is there compared to last year………

    Only freedom to insult and spew unsubstantiated allegations is not there…….

    We saw the insults the PF caders were hurling during the run up to elections on SM……….without control , that is what we will be seeing everyday on TV and radio……..

    They need some form of control……….

    The European Union should be encouraged to create and sponsor more NGOs and civil liberty groups to monitor goverment transgressions………..

  3. If they can u turn on the mining on the lower Zambezi…Iam sure they will do the same on POA… these chaps have no shame.

  4. HH is just a conman. These are the laws he should have addressed by now.

    These days, he does not even give press conferences.

    He is nonchalant on corruption and asset recovery, and now people are wondering if the PF stole as much as HH claimed during campaigns.

    Zambians need to wake up fast and start looking for alternative leadership outside UPND and PF. They are both huge disappointments.

  5. The public order act is only wrong when you are in opposition. Once in power, what you saw as wrong suddenly becomes acceptable. Nothing is going to be done to repeal the act, contrary to the many promises made.

  6. Leave the POA alone……….


    The European Union should be encouraged to create and sponsor more NGOs and civil liberty groups and strengthen existing liberty groups to monitor goverment transgressions………..more jobs for Zambians.

  7. Surprise, surprise – anti New Dawn government requesting to repeal the public order act. Six months ago defeated PF regime labelled as a thieving regime was in power. The regime used the public order act to kill and torture members of the opposition – narrative has changed today.

  8. Nothing wrong with PAO………..

    Just strengthen civil bodies………

    There needs to be some control and deterant from kinds of insults PF are used of posting on SM……….

    John Pombe Joseph Magufuli , MHSRIP , nextbdoor in Tanzania needed the Tanzanian version of the POA to control a few out-of control media…………

    They complained, then loved John Pombe after Tanzania showed unprecedented modern growth…………..

  9. Hichilema made a promise to the people of Zambia to amend POA,Let him fullfil it, Iam also waiting for the sale of the presidential jet..And some shallow upnd cadres still want to debate..We are waiting for hichilema to do what he said he will do when he was in opposition…

  10. Hey stup!d KZ, it was YOUR criminal incompetent Edgar China Lungu who instigated this rule, so you should be happy that Bally keeps it on – why are you now complaining? Typical hypocrite PF!

  11. And the Kwacha CONTINUES to depreciate, now K18.73 to the dollar and going, and the REAL inflation is 20.3% and going even faster. Not very good Mr President

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