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Zambia declares seven days national mourning in honour of the late Fourth President

Headlines Zambia declares seven days national mourning in honour of the late...

The government says it has declared a seven-day national mourning period for late fourth republican president Rupiah Banda.

Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda however says other details for the funeral will be availed to the public in due course.

Speaking to journalists after cabinet ministers visited Mr Banda’s Lilayi residence, Ms Kasanda who is also Information and Media Minister said the public will be informed where the funeral for the late the head of state will be held.

“It is very clear that the will of our President is that we should not hold the funeral from here,” she said

Meanwhile, a number of cabinet ministers, senior government officials and political parties’ representatives visited the late Head of State’s residence in Lilayi this morning.

Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Charles Milupi who led the delegation described Mr Banda as a global icon who united the country.

Mr Milupi said late President Banda sacrificed a lot for Zambia from the time he was a youth adding that he has left an indelible legacy for both Zambia and the rest of the world.

The minister said Mr. Banda will also be remembered for uniting the country when third republican president Levy Mwanawasa died.

“Most recently as Vice President of this nation, when tragedy struck the nation when we lost the third republican president ( late President Levy Mwanawasa) , when matters like that happened the nation didn’t disintegrate but he rose to the occasion and held this nation together,” he said.

Mr Milupi urged the wife to the deceased Thandiwe Banda and the rest of the family to use the positive memories of the late former president as a source of strength during this time of mourning.

Among the notable figures included Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo, Minister of Lands Elijah Muchima, Minister of Agriculture Reuben Phiri, Minister of Lusaka Province Sheal Mulyata, Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda, and Acting Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa.

And, late former Republican President’s younger brother James Banda said Mr Banda embraced different people irrespective of tribe.

Mr. Banda said his older brother inculcated humility within him by constantly reminding him to be humble.

He also announced that former Lusaka Mayor Fisho Mwale will be the official family representative during the period of mourning.

And Mr. Mwale thanked the Ministers for finding time to console the family during the period of grief.


  1. Seven days is befitting. This is the only sensible thing upnd have done since August..however it was embarrassing when their information minister called for people to celebrate youth day only to u turn on that decision after public outcry. This is a sign that upnd is still under 5.

    As we are in mourning I expect no govt or upnd official to issue statements. Lusakatimes can you be responsible and atop posting statements that have nothing to do with Rb!

  2. Tikki we sympathise with f00Ls like you who have gone abroad and become asylum seekers who have been brainwashed, by your abusers and colonialists, into thinking that mourning your fellow African leader is a chore. You are a f00Iish constipated mangoose

  3. I won’t be mourning for the second worst president with Edgar China Lungu being the worst president. Rupiah Banda was a good man with absolute integrity but a very bad president who was taken to the cleaners by the large mining conglomerates.

  4. As we mourn the best economically performing Zambian president i can’t forgive PF for ruining the economic miracle Rupiah Banda left us.

  5. Rupiah was sinister strategist who wanted to hold to power from behind. He was a shrewd negotiator who manouvered to control the PF and Edgar Lungu . He steered hi MMD back into power with PF. By doing so he ensured that without being a p resident he still held on to power. Whe PF lost elections, RB had a plan . He started manuvering with UPND. He was clever enough by calling HH and Lungu to his house. That was strategic for him and the beginning to step a foot in the UPND corridors.


  7. Madam Kasanda I and the rest of Zambia are still waiting for official announcement.

    Can Cabinet office state if Thursday or Friday or both will be public holidays specifically for the funeral
    so that those of us staying on the outskirts of Lusaka can start preps to attend the Funeral or watch from
    our TV Sets at various homes whilst observing COVID 19 guide lines

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