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76- year- old man assaulted by his wife and children on allegations practicing witchcraft.


A 76- year- old man of Poya village in Shiwang’andu district has been assaulted by his wife and biological children on allegations that he was practicing witchcraft.

Muchinga Province Deputy Police Commissioner, Lucky Munkondya, has confirmed the incident in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Shiwang’andu today.

Ms. Munkondya has identified the victim as Bernard Malama 76, of Poya village in chief Nkula’s chiefdom in Shiwang’andu and said the incident occurred on 15th March 2022.

She said Malama was beaten by his biological children and his wife of the same residence following allegations of him practicing witchcraft.

Ms. Munkondya said sticks are alleged to have been used to assault the victim who sustained painful arms, painful legs, a cut on the lower lip, headache, a cut on left cheek, and general body pains.

She said brief facts are that for a long time, the children have been suspecting their father to have been the one behind various ailments they were suffering from.

Ms. Munkondya explained that on the material day, the children and their mother confronted Malama and took the law into their hands by beating him.

She said four suspects, including Malama’s wife, have since been arrested and they will appear in court soon.


  1. A country where one cant grow old without being called a witch. Why such primitive thinking? Kaunda reached 97 and we all celebrated that mwe fipuba mwe!

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