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Zambian designers, artists break international barriers at Dubai expo 2020


Zambian fashion designers and artists have held a fashion show at the ongoing Dubai 2020 expo in the United Arab Emirates.

The event, which was held at the Angolan Pavilion, attracted different nationalities, among them, Zambians.

The aim of the show was to showcase Zambian creative designs and collections produced by local designers.

Gender Analyst at Cabinet Office, Emmah Phiri, described the fashion show as a huge success.

Ms. Phiri, who is also 50 Million African Women Speak (50 MAWS) Project Focal Point Person for Zambia, said the fashion show attracted a mixed audience of people from different nationalities.

She noted that the fashion designers who are part of the innovators and setups have made a mark on the international fashion scene.

“The event was a huge success looking at the different nationalities that came through to watch the fashion show,” Ms. said.

She explained that the aim of the fashion show was to display to the world what Zambian designers are capable of producing using fabrics.

Ms. Phiri stressed that Zambian fashion designers and artists have placed the country on the international map with their creativity

She expressed optimism that other foreign designers will soon be able to collaborate with Zambian designers after hosting a successful fashion show.

Ms. Phiri has since commended the designers and artists for sharing their talents and creativity with the rest of the world.

“I can only thank our designers and artists for making us proud with their designs and also for sharing their collections with the rest of the world,” she said.

And Creative Designer Chief Executive Officer, Mercy Mukupa, said the show has helped to create exposure of her designs to potential customers.

Ms. Mukupa explained that participating in the Dubai 2020 expo has helped to break international barriers.

“Am so glad that I have been able to break international barriers by taking part in the Dubai 2020 expo,” she said.

Speaking at the same event, Fay Designs Founder Faith Kabende, indicated that the fashion show was an eye-opener.

Mrs. Kabende said the Dubai 2020 expo has raised her aspirations as a fashion designer.


  1. The title is big, very big but the content of this article is tiny. “Zambian Designers Break International Barriers” where & how? As there is really nothing in the whole long article to show for it , other than Designers themselves just being overzealous & overwhelmed. Wud ve made sense if this overjofullness was coming from customers.

  2. And also they flew from Zambia to go and stand at an Angolan pavilion? They never even had their own pavilion-how do investors trust you like this? They ll easily take u as fly bye companies. Anyway, any other African designer I know of is very very big headed as they are designing diamonds, so not surprised with these big empty heads here. Start local, grow big locally & then go beyond borders,stop filling your heads with empty water. There is already big names internationally, u can’t break through there, it’s a tight competion , unless u are Italian, French etc.

  3. I’m in South Africa and here there are very Designers(who also are big headed for nothing) but they ve never been onto the international stage, why? Cos Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Kalvin Klein etc will never let a kawayaya from Zambia”who can’t even afford a pavilion” to take their business. Fashion is not like selling maize, where they ve corn in Europe but they still buy maize from Zambia, no. This is a different ball game & highly politicized in a business way.

  4. Represent us well, although many that go there go to prostitute. For me I employ people in dubai through my shoe and bag business.

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