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7-year-old boy accidentally shots himself with a homemade gun


In an incident that has left a family in deep shock and sorrow, a 7-year-old boy of Kalumbila district has accidentally shot himself with a muzzleloader.

North Western Province acting Commanding officer Dr. Fred Mulenga has confirmed in a statement the accident that happened on Saturday around 15:30 hours at Kamwandi village.

The complainant reported that his son, Francis Kamwandi aged 7, shot himself accidentally with a Muzzleloader which was left loaded by Kiyombo Ngoloma in the house of Daniel Mukinjika, the Uncle to the deceased’s father.

“When Police visited the scene they inspected the body which was found with a gunshot wound on his chin and several wounds on the neck. By the time the police visited the scene, the deceased’s was already removed from the scene and taken in the house of his father Francis Kamwandi,” Dr. Mulenga stated.

He explained that the deceased’s father, together with the deceased’s mother, Helen Kaluba 27, and their two children Modester Kamwandi and Junior Francis Kamwandi went to visit their grandfather Kiyombo Ngoloma.

He said the family was accompanied by Daniel Mukinjika who had just come back from poaching activities.

“As they were chatting in the shelter outside the main house, children started playing around the yard. Whilst they were seated in the Shelter, they suddenly heard the loud bang in the house of Kiyombo Ngoloma. When they rushed inside the house, they discovered that Francis Junior Kamwandi had accidentally shot himself using a homemade Muzzleloading gun which was left in the house by Daniel Mukinjika who had just come back from hunting. They found the body of the deceased lying on the floor,” Dr. Mulenga stated.

“The body of the deceased has since been deposited in Lumwana District Hospital Mortuary pending Postmortem and burial as no foul play is suspected. Docket of sudden and unnatural death opened.”


  1. What type of homemade muzzle loader is that to have those injuries was it a pistol…every stupid the Father must be a poacher..

  2. Ridiculous! Arrest the owner of the gun for causing death by gross negligence; lessons must be learnt.

    #plant a tree please!

  3. How can a police thing called DR.? Why not call him/it Sergent, captain or don’t those ranks scrapped off during PF? Because under PF anything was addressed Dr….. Dr Kampyongo, Dr. Lubambo, Dr. Tutwa… idyots!!

  4. A 7 years boy managed to carry a muzzleloader gun and point at himself? Muzzleloader gun is too long for a young boy to manage turn to his neck.

    Police arrest these poachers I guess they don’t have license,

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