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Canada interested in investing in Mopani, Konkola mines


President Hakainde Hichilema has assured that his government will create an enabling environment that will attract both local and international investments in all sectors of the economy in the country.

President Hichilema explained that this is because the UPND government was ushered into office by the people of Zambia based on a premise to bring change to the country’s economic and social sectors.

And President Hichilema has called for strengthened mutual relations between Canada and Zambia through the establishment of a Canadian High Commission in Zambia.

Mr. Hichilema said government is already making strides in restoring the country’s investment potential, citing the policy changes in the mining sector as some of the achievements scored by government in the first three months of implementing its first budget.

However, the Head of State was quick to mention that this can only be achieved if there is peace, stability, security and respect for the rule of law.

The President was speaking at State House in Lusaka today when the Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell paid a courtesy call on him.

Mr. Hichilema stated that the new administration would want to distinguish itself from others as a government that has respect for the rule of law, respect for human rights and freedoms, even as it strives at reconstructing the country’s economy to attract more investments and opportunities for the people.

He explained that this can be attested to how the government has been accommodative even to people with divergent views, as evidenced during the funeral of the late former republican president Rupiah Banda.

“We also believe in peace, stability and security because without peace and stability we will not advance our core agenda of reconstructing the economy, basically raising opportunities for our people. We were elected on a ticket of change, to create jobs, change to business opportunities and stabilize the country,” he said.

And on the expression of interest to invest in Mopani and KCM by Barrick Gold Corporation, President Hichilema said government had taken note and would like to engage the interested companies before a decision can be made.

“Barrick gold is important to us, these investments are significant and we are working on improving the investments and operating environment for investments for all investors be it, regional investors or foreign direct investment among other,” he stated

Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House

Meanwhile President Hichilema further commended the bilateral relations existing between Zambia and Canada and appealed to further strengthen the ties for the benefit of the two countries.

He said Canada has been and continues to be a reliable partner in Zambia’s economic development quest, further urging the Canadian government to reconsider its bilateral programme with Zambia by establishing a High Commission in Zambia for easy engagements.

“We need to broaden and grow bilateral development as it used to be in when we were young, we would like to have a High Commissioner here just like Zambia has High Commission in Canada, this will make it easy for us to frequently engaging with each other,” he said

Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell
Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell

And Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell has congratulated President Hichilema and the government for coming up with good policies aimed at attracting more investments in the country.

Ms. O’Donnell has since expressed Canada’s interest through Barrick Gold Corporation and First Quantum Minerals to invest in Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines.

She explained that Canada is interested to create mutual and beneficial partnership with Zambia in the mining sector like the case is with Tanzania.

“We are happy with your policies that you have made since you came into power, this has brought about confidence and Canada is interested in investing more in the mining sector through Barrick and FQM, to take over KCM and Mopani,” she said.

She added that Canada is also interested in strengthening its bilateral relations with Zambia especially in women empowerment, peace keeping and other programmes aimed at fighting the negative effects of climate change.

She explained that currently Zambia is part of the three partners Worldwide that are receiving the 29 year development assistance million United States Dollar support from the Canadian government.

The High Commissioner further praised President Hichilema for the stance taken to end child and forced marriages and for being appointed as champion for ending child marriages by the African Union.

Ms. O’Donnell stated that Canada will support Zambia in all its initiatives targeted at protecting the rights of women and children in society.

Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House
Canadian High Commissioner to Zambia Pamela O’Donnell with President Hakainde Hichilema at State House


  1. Canada is straight-forward business. I like their drive. Just protect the interest of Zambians while at it.

  2. That is the problem with Africa. We can’t use our own engineers to work on our mines and then sell the products to the outsides. This make Africa not to get developed. Everything is depend on investors.

  3. When you are being praised by the foreign beneficiaries of your so called good policies be very, very afraid. You have not done your homework right. Emulating Tanzania may be good but may not work for Zambia. Look for a home grown solution instead. Involve technocrats. The benefit to the country of the current polices are based on the good will of an investor. And a good will from many a foreign investor is rare as the case was with the MMD of President Chiluba. Zambia is not going to benefit until those policies are adjusted to benefit Zambia accordingly.

  4. Barrick and FQM are not here because of the good policies of the Upnd. They have been here even during the misrule of the PF. So if they wanted KCM they would have done so a long time ago. But they know and understand the complexity of this mine. So if the High Commissioner didn’t have anything to say she should have stopped at other niceties.

  5. I’m foreseeing a flock of a thousand foreign companies into by end of year. I think they are all waiting for the IMF package to come on board. I can guarantee once that happens, Zambia will be in the spotlight across Africa. Cos Zambia is abt to shine bright. I can see the sign. I can see the signs , remember total yesterday signed a deal to generate energy from wind & solar? It’s starting to happen guys

  6. Look at him. He is obsessed with whlte people and suffers from inferiority complex. He is selling this country

  7. Is KCM not in the hands of Vedanta? Did we not hear that these Indians want their mine back which was confiscated from them?
    The only mine up for negotiations with is Mopani which they bought (on laybuy) from Glencore at the cost of USD1.5 billion.

  8. Someone is asking “We can’t use our own engineers to work on our mines and then sell the products to the outsides.”, my question is where are those African Engineers? I mean, we all know that those mines are currently looking for Investors, but have we seen any African based company vaying for this opportunity? You are only good at complaining.
    Its a free economy, those who have the capabilities, this is your chance, but stop complaining, the Government will NOT come to you and ask you to take up Mopani, you have to show interest and not wasting time complaining on LT and insulting those who proactive.
    And Barrick and FQM are here because of the good policies of the UPND, that is the High Commissioner`s view……so, suck it as said, unless its dull reporting.

  9. this is simply neo-colonialism… ZCCM-IH and the teams of Mopani CEO Charles SAKANYA are capable of managing MCM. The proof is there, for the past year, they are doing better than Glencore’s teams. This govt has a loser’s vision. As for KCM, they already took months to kick out Milingo Lungu, we are waiting to see about Vedanta

  10. Let Barrick take over these mines it will be a very wise move my president dont let it fall back to these indians they are just stealing Zambia’s wealth and enriching India take a proper survey on how much these pay the workers u will find that 70% are not even paying tax to the government making the government lose out chunks of money
    Let the white folks come and re structure the management of kcm and they should make sure that no Zambian holds top levels they are all *****s

  11. #10 Seems you still have an axe to grind? You trap yourself by IT’S THE VIEW OF THE HIGH COMMISSIONER. That’s what I said exactly. But your reasoning is so infused with caderistic hatred you couldn’t see that. I didn’t say it was from your president.

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