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Wood extraction attributed to the country’s deforestation


The government says deforestation and environmental degradation in Zambia are largely attributed to wood extraction, agricultural expansion and fires.

Chinsali District Commissioner Samuel Muchemwa Charcoal production is also considered to be one of the primary causes of forest degradation and the main cause of carbon stock loss from forests in the country.

Stressing that deforestation is particularly high in Muchinga Province, Mr Muchemwa demanded the need to embrace the culture of replanting trees as it is one way to sustain forests.

Speaking during celebrations marking the World Forest day under the theme: ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption’ , the District Commissioner said there is a need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders for sustainable production and consumption to be achieved in forests.

‘‘ Am therefore, calling upon all stakeholder, among them, the traditional leaders, the church ,civil society organisations ,Government departments and the private sector to work closely with the department of forestry in the district to curb bad practices that affect the sustainability of forests,’’ the DC said.

And acting senior chief Nkula, echoed the importance of preserving trees and the environment adding that despite planting the trees almost at the end of the rainy season, the trees should be cared for properly.

’’Let us ensure that we water the trees planted at this school,’’ he said adding that “ trees play an important role in preserving the environment and as such indiscriminate cutting down of trees should not be tolerated at all.”

The traditional leader said the effects of climate change being experienced in the country and the world at large is as a result of deforestation.

Meanwhile, Chinsali District Education Board secretary (DEBS ) Pardon Tesho is elated with the gesture of planting trees at Kafula Musungu school.

Mr Tesho said the trees that have been planted at the school will go a long way in sustaining the environment of the learning institution.

He said the planted trees will not only preserve the environment but will also add value and beauty of the school.

Forest day was declared in 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

Forest day, which aims at raising awareness regarding the importance of all types of forests is observed annually on March 21 since its declaration in 2012.


  1. Ticking time bomb. One day we will wake up in New Kalama to find the Sahara on our doorstep and Kalahari in the backyard.

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