Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Levels of corruption and theft during PF Government in office was shocking and disgusting


United Party for National Development (UPND) Sesheke Constituency Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe has charged that the levels of corruption and theft during the Patriotic Front (PF) Government in office was shocking and disgusting.

Mr. Kangombe was reacting to the recent recovery of 31 abandoned luxury vehicles by the joint investigation team led by the Anti Corruption Commission.

The vehicles in question were found at a private property in Makeni area in Lusaka.

In a media statement, Mr. Kangombe said the PF and their supporters were stealing and engaging in corrupt practices for fun.

The Anti Corruption Commission on Monday arrested Patriotic Front acting President Given Lubinda for corruption involving $532,000.

A number of Patriotic Front members are under arrest facing corruption and criminal charges.

Not long ago the Anti-corruption Commission(ACC) arrested and charged Margaret Chisela also known as Faith Musonda for being in possession of K65 Million, $57,000 and a house, property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Faith Musonda surrendered the properties to the state in exchange for her freedom.

Mr. Kangombe alleged that the Patriotic Front is a criminal organisation full of corrupt, greedy and arrogant criminals who have no heart for the people of Zambia.

He questioned why and how people could purchase expensive vehicles and later abandon them.

“The Patriotic Front is a criminal organisation full of corrupt, greedy and arrogant criminals who have no heart for the people. The Levels of corruption and theft involving Patriotic Front members is very alarming and disgusting at the same time. Imagine you steal public resources and purchase vehicles which you later abandon? It’s like they were stealing for fun,” said Mr. Kangombe.

The lawmaker warned PF officials against arrogance and stubbornness as they are being investigated by law enforcement agencies.

Mr. Kangombe also predicted more arrests relating to theft and corruption in the country.

“You can’t have a political party where everyone is facing corruption and criminal cases. The acting President Lubinda is under arrest for corruption, the two secretary generals Davis Chaka and Mumbi Phiri are facing attempted and Murder charges respectively. Everyone including ward officials are under investigation, no doubt this is a criminal organisation. Typical of any thief, we have seen high levels of arrogance and stubbornness from PF who are even daring investigative wings but their days are numbered. The law will soon catch up with them,” Mr. Kangombe added.

The Sesheke Member of Parliament has since appealed to law enforcement agencies to make sure that cases involving corruption are disposed of in a shortest time possible.

Mr. Kangombe said the people of Zambia want stolen resources recovered urgently.

“Justice delayed is justice denied. The public want stolen resources recovered as soon as possible so that we can provide social basic needs to our people like bursaries for students and clean drinking water,” Mr. Kangombe said.

ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe confirmed to journalists in Lusaka the discovery of vehicles and added that there were several other vehicles which the Joint Investigative Team had seized.

The vehicles are believed to be proceeds of crime.

Sources told News Diggers that acting on a tip; the investigative wings searched a private property in Makeni and found 31 vehicles of different makes.


  1. When power goes to your thick head you get corrupt to maintain that power through embezzlements and shoddy business deals.
    Most past Zambian governments have soiled rulership, except for a few sobber and genuine individuals.
    We dont want to hear that UPND joined this long list of looters who disadvantage the greater masses by being gredy. We are watching you who are in charge of government machinery today for tomorrow’s judgment. Hope to see you different by 2031.

  2. By 2031, we expect to see new dawn relatively clean unlike the perpetual cases we see from former leaders. We either learn from the past or perish with it. Our choice is vital.

  3. When do these guys stop blaming everything on pf and show us what they have achieved? You promised heaven on earth under your leadership yet today we have no drugs in hospital. Meanwhile hh is just globe trotting and complaining like a pregnant cow. Mooo mooo

  4. We are fed up with the corruption propaganda used a campaign strategy. If someone stole arrest them. You now have the instruments of power failure to do so then it will be clear you lied about this and tarnished the country to the world. Keep in mind that the one who comes to justice must himself have clean hands.

  5. Politicians, politicians. This guy was arrested by police in Northern province for assault and abduction of a police officer. Kangombe, people want development. That is you priority number 1 tell us how you are going to turn around the economy of our great nation that is your nu. Bet one mandate…

  6. Besides the owner of the garage has engaged lawyers to retrieve the said vehicles. So why can’t Kangombe wait for the courts to rule before making a running commentary.

  7. I agreemwith Deja Vu. The owners of the 31 vehicles have engaged lawyers to retrieve them. You mean the Hon MP for Sesheke wasn’t aware of this fact before he made his statement? If not, then God help us. In any case, statements issued by law enforcement agencies are not court judgements but mere statetemts. This is likely to turn out to be another “48 mystery houses” saga where the former Head of State’s family was widely accused of owning these houses when this was totally false.

  8. Firstly, this guy has been implicated in Mukula timber Scandals in western province.
    Secondly, the owners of the “abandoned” vehicles are claiming the vehicles back. How can a thief claim back a stolen item?
    In short, if PF govt officials stole, why isn’t any of them in prison or at least facing clear cut theft charges seven months Into upnd govt?
    All we hear is the famous” being in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime” chapwa.

  9. The level at which these so called new dawn government is showcasing their ignorance is worrying.
    Kawana came with sensitive information whose gist he doesn’t understand (the case of in the office of the filer) whatever that meant. This other cadre comes in with outdated rants of the so called miracle vehicles.
    ACC will one day walk into my yard and find 10 dogs and declare them abandoned.
    Na bamba yabomba pa ntambo they can simply say “we have confiscated wet pants pa ntambo because we couldn’t see the owner”.

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