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Cairo and Chachacha roads as no go areas for street vendors-Nkombo


Local Government Minister Garry Nkombo has declared Cairo and Chachacha roads as no go areas for street vendors.
Mr Nkombo says the council has only designated Lumumba and Freedom way as areas where street vending is allowed.

Speaking to a local radio station, Mr Nkombo said that it has been noted that these vendors are not only selling merchandise such as clothes, but have also started cooking on the island of Cairo road and selling things such as beans and kapenta which he says is not right.

Mr Nkombo has since advised vendors to stick to designated areas, adding that there are enough trading spaces in the Soweto market.

Mr Nkombo added that those citizens complaining of how dirty the city has become also have a role to play by stopping buying from vendors and buying from markets.

Meanwhile, Mr Nkombo has said that that data capture on social and economic empowerment in the informal sector is key to the development of the Country.

Mr Nkombo said that both the funeral policy and the data capturing programme are key to improving the livelihood and profitability of the informal sector which will result in national development.

He noted that the policy has been developed to benefit all informal business owners and will cut across race, tribe, language, region, political, religious, colour, creed, gender or social status identity in our society.

Mr Nkumbo stated that the informal sector makes up a significant component of the national economy with over 80 percent of employed labour in Zambia in the informal sector.

He noted that this is characterized by low incomes, high poverty levels, absence of unionism, and lack of social security, with the inability to access social security posing vulnerability and social exclusion in the event of old age.

The Minister was speaking at the official launch of the Zambia National Maketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA ) funeral policy and the countrywide roll-out in Lusaka today .

The association also signed a memorandum of understanding with five other companies in Lusaka today

He noted that the launch of the policy is a landmark that has the potential to enhance the sustainability of the business fraternity of marketeers, small scale farmers, and other traders as they align to the new dawn government policy of social and economic empowerment for all in our country.

“The Funeral Policy and data capture of marketeers is in line with government’s policy to restore economic growth and safe-guard livelihoods amid growing confidence in economic stability and growth under the new dawn government, which is expected to result in increased incomes for our marketeers, traders and smallholder farmers,” He stated.

Mr Nkombo said that it is imperative to sensitise marketers on the importance of social cover for themselves and their family members which includes funeral policy.

“I implore ZANAMACA to be self-sufficient in all aspects as they embark on this project, including patriotism and allegiance to the government of the day.” He said.

Mr Nkombo stated that social security is a human right as enshrined in the universal declaration of human rights ,and the international convention on economic, social and cultural rights..

He stated that despite these achievements, insurance and funeral policies are generally misunderstood as impositions on income that can only be afforded by affluent businessmen and not the resource-limited marketeers, traders and smallholder farmers.

He urged the association and its membership to utilise the funeral policy as well as access the insurance cover as a financial stronghold to fall back on should anything happen to them, their spouses or families.

Liberty Insurance Manager, Mark Gobie said that the company created the insurance products that will save the interest of the marketers across the country.

Mr Gobie added that the company is also looking forward to developing more products for the marketeers not only the funeral insurance but it is also about saving and creating wealth for all the marketeers across the country.

“We want to design product solutions that will benefit and make it easier for the marketeers and our customers to understand the insurance policy themselves, we will also sensitize them on how the product works and meet their needs., “he said.

And speaking earlier ZANAMCA president, Mupila Kameya said that a total population of marketeers and other traders that include small scale and cross border entrepreneurs currently stands at 3.8 million.

Mr kameya said this is a constituency that plays a major role in the transformation of the country’s social and economic sectors


  1. In a corrupted bid to win votes PF “legalized” this chaotic street vending ….then it led Zambia into cholera outbreak.MCS i hope you see what rot you brought.

  2. While we understand people want to survive but street vending on Cairo and ChaChaCha roads must be curbed once for all. The situation is so chaotic to extent to make one wonder if at all there is local civil authority. Lets have a system where those trading should be moved to designated trading areas. I hope it has no just ended at the Minister making a statement without follow up with action. Why cant govt deploy paras say for two months to being the situation under control. Some govt actions may appear to be unpopular but will serve a purpose for our own betterment. f the govr. wants to please vendors then it wont take long before Cairo and ChaChaCha roads into another Freedom way and Lumumba roads where vendors reign supreme..

  3. @Mzambia wa Zamani, you must be a 10 year old boy. Research on street vending in Zambia after that do the same on USA and UK. The USA has managed street vending very well and since we fond and copying let us copy them. I am sure unemployed kids like you have no idea what I am talking about.

  4. Street vending will never stop as we keep
    Hearing the same from all leaders who come
    In government.They keep talking and sometimes use force for a short time then
    They forget until election time.

  5. We warned the vendors who voted for this useless party. See now you won’t manage to feed your kids and take them to school all because you were gullible to believe upnd lies. In markets there are upnd cadres demanding payment’s from traders

  6. Typically, people who grew up in squalid conditions & therefore don’t know any better, would support & encourage street vending on Cairo Road. But, there has to be a demarcation of trading areas. People cannot just go and sell where they like. There is a premium cost for owning a shop on Cairo & Cha cha cha roads. That by itself without thinking of esthetics, should ensure maximum protection from street vendors. When you let street vending obstruct those who pay premium costs, you fail your duty – and the charges become worthless. The city becomes a smelly & chaotic dump – not delightful at all! We need equilibrium.

    #plant a tree please.

  7. @FakeKZ, you filthy animal. Anything is better than PF. You are like the turd that won’t flush. You are irrelevant… FUTSEK!

  8. Malanji you call me fake because you are unable to respond to my comments substantively. Ironically it is you using another man’s name. You dog

  9. We need to create new regulated streets or markets for these vendors but at the same time we need sanity to return. Street vendors should up their game with hygiene and cleanliness. Not everyone is a fan of salaula.

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