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We are re-organizing to cut down middlemen and lower the cost of equipment and drugs-Masebo


Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo has said that the government has enough resources for procurement of drugs and equipment for health facilities as it was included in this year’s budget.

Speaking in a phone in Mufulira, Ms Masebo said that the only challenge the Ministry has been facing is a reorganization of systems to cut down the middlemen and lower the cost of equipment and drugs to a reasonable price.

“We want to ensure that Zambians participate in the business that deals with the health sector, that is why the instruction am giving to my ministry is to ensure that 30 per cent of all contracts in the ministry must be reserved for Zambians,” she said.

“The other 70 per cent that is where Zambians are free to participate with other people,” she added.

Ms Masebo said persons with disabilities, women, and youths will be included in the 30 per cent that has been reserved for Zambians.

Ms Masebo also said that government will this year embark on the construction of health facilities countrywide in order to enable patients to access health services close to them.

Ms Masebo said the New Dawn government is committed to reducing both communicable and non-communicable diseases in the country.

She said the government wants to improve citizens’ access to health services, and will this year construct more health facilities.


  1. Thought construction of healthy facilities throughout Zambia was a boasting song of PF ‘Bayashi’

  2. the cartel that was fighting her must be scared now, did you see how the bull flew into her corner yesterday? Masebo is no area in this GRZ. She is not Chushi Kasanda. Try it one more and see how quickly you ll receive suspension letters. HH values everyone that was in his during his difficult times, Maureen ran away, Sharot Scot ran away, other than MK Nalumango, Masebo was the only woman that got jailed for HH. And i dont think will ever forget this and as such,the respect he has for her.

  3. You labelled all suppliers in the health industry as corrupt and they do not want to deal with the you. Also you as a buyer can not dictate the price at which you buy medicine. There are other countries with attractive conditions so these suppliers will not come begging to you. Wake up and face reality. The lies you told people that voted for you are coming home.

  4. So according to Sylvia the best way to fix a problematic procurement system is by not procuring anything at all? UPND kuwayawayafye

  5. The problem with UPND is they don’t publicise a timeline programme of how they intend to achieve all this…this is why they are making a mockery of them.

  6. Information on the ground is that there are conflicts of who should supply. Meanwhile lives are being lost ….. life is not a car whose service you can postpone.

  7. It may not be that easy to cut out the middleman as most global manufacturers have supply contracts with distributors specific to geographical locations.
    These distributors then supply local markets in which they operate.
    These arrangements are contractual and have legal implications.
    When you talk about medicines, the most notable global manufacturing hub is India whose manufacturers obviously have similar distributor arrangements.
    The most prudent way was to continue with current supply arrangements for a while, study the system and then come up with a better system, if at all.

  8. Foolish woman just like her boss. It takes the entire presidency to operate a mere ministry under thisngovt. Zambians you were warned. See your lives

  9. F00lish woman just like her boss. It takes the entire presidency to operate a mere ministry under thisngovt. Zambians you were warned. See your lives

  10. The problem with Sylvia Masebo in Government is that it’s all about politicking, on literally every aspect ..for as long as it doesn’t affect her own family directly. Kaili she now has the capacity to go to the most expensive health care. So she can be reluctant, as us the case. 6 months down the line, she’s still singing of what they have to put in place.

    Ba UPND, please be realistic when dealing of the health of human being. This should be a priority Ministry because it affects all other ministries.

    You could have put all systems in place, in the Ministry of health, the very moment you won the August 12 General elections, even before you embarked upon traversing the world. We expected this particular story by December/January, that’s if at all you cared about lives of…

  11. LOCAL Government and Housing Minister Benny Tetamashimba has reported his predecessor Sylvia Masebo to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the auditor general concerning the purchase of hearses from China.Mr Temashimba said in an interview yesterday that he had directed his permanent secretary, Coillard Chibbonta, to report the matter to the ACC and the auditor general’s office for investigations.He said that as minister, he had his own suspicions because a single hearse could not cost US$29,000 and that was the reason he directed the permanent secretary to report anybody who was suspected to have benefitted from the transaction.“I believe that there were irregularities in the transaction and if it is proved that the price of the hearses was not inflated and that the terms of…

  12. These medicines should be available for people living with HIV and other conditions,minus the drugs in health facilities brings new infections and conditions that can’t make us attain the 90×3 goal by 2030.

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