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Nurses dominate list of Ministry of Health Workers to be Recruited


Registered Nurses will be the largest group of health workers that will employed in the last Ministry of Health recruitment exercise.

On Friday, the Civil Service Commission published details of the number of slots, duty stations, and qualifications needed to fill up the 11,270 positions in the Ministry of Health.

With 3,260 slots, Registered Nurses form the bulk of the recruits to be engaged by the Ministry of Health out of 11,270.

510 Junior Resident Medical Officers will be recruited from a back long of over 800 leaving about 290 trained doctors without jobs.

There will be 214 Cleaners, 148 General Workers and 44 Mortuary Attendants to be recruited.

147 Drivers will be added to the MoH Payroll.

And the Resident Doctors Association of Zambia says it will engage the Ministry of Health to ensure that doctors who will not be employed during the recruitment exercise are given an opportunity to do their two-year internship without any hurdles.

Association President Dr Brian Sampa says the 510 spaces allocated for medical doctors is a good number given that government is also employing other cadres of health personnel.

Dr Sampa is happy that government has allocated more than 80 per cent out of the 800 unemployed doctors.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health through the Civil Service Commission released the advert for the recruitment of the 11,276 health workers in both the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail Newspapers.

The advert which will run up to April 1st, 2022 has vacancies for Biomedical Scientists, Clinical Officers both General and Psychiatry, Community Health Assistants, Data Entry Clerk, Environmental Health Technologists and Junior Resident Medical Officers interns.

Others include Dental Assistants, Dental Surgeon Intern, Dental Technologists, Dental Therapists, Medical Equipment Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Licentiates, Medical Records Clerk, Nutrition Technologists, Nutritionists and Pharmacists.

The recruitment will benefit all the 116 districts countrywide and candidates are therefore advised to only apply to one District or Province.

President Hakainde Hichilema when he visited the Ministry of Health, emphasised that Government jobs are for everyone and advised the Civil Service Commission and the Ministry of Health not to employ only those related to the Permanent Secretary, the Minister, and Secretary to Cabinet or the President.

And Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo says the Ministry will allow part of March 2022 to run the advert and part of April 2022 to conduct the recruitment process.

“This therefore means that treasury authority will be effective 1st of May 2022. It is my sincere hope that following the guidance from cabinet we can now have all the Members of Parliament rally behind this national process,” she said.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday morning, Ms. Masebo stated that the numbers 11, 276 may in the process reduce back to 11, 200 or even go beyond should opportunity allow.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health indicated that the recruitment of health workers by government will go on for the next three years.

“The other point that is important for members to note is that the programme of recruitment by the UPND new dawn administration is not a one year event, but that it is a programme that will run for the next three years,” she noted.

The Minister hoped that in the next three years, things will get even better because 11, 200 plus is not sufficient to cover all the numbers of health workers that are needed countrywide.

“Currently the Ministry of Health approved structure stands at 139, 590 yet the positions that are approved and are been funded, which are on our payroll are at 63, 838, which is basically 46 percent of the approved structure,” the Minister explained.

Ms. Masebo has since called on Members of Parliament to help in ensuring that people at grassroots level from their respective constituencies are made aware of the recruitment advert which is only running for a few days.

“Let me place on record that the advert that we have since advertised today is also by way of ensuring that MPs have the actual advert and hopefully they can circulate to their constituencies immediately because the period for receiving applications is very short,” she stressed.

“It’s only seven days which is one week. And you know one week for rural areas is very difficult. So you Members of Parliament both on the right and the left help us, help your people, avoid just politicking, let’s work together so that this process can be carried out well,” The Minister added.

Ms. Masebo further advised against multiple applications saying that it will lead to Automatic disqualification.

The Ministry of Health Headquarters, hospitals and other health facilities will not receive any application letters.

Applications earlier submitted to the Ministry of Health, Hospitals and other health facilities will not be considered according to the advert.

Applicants for Junior Resident Medical Officers (Interns), Dental Surgeons, (Interns) and Pharmacists including Pharmacists Interns must address their applications to the Provincial Health Director and a copy to the Provincial Permanent Secretary.


  1. You can employ people thinking it will help you win elections but if you don’t pay them you will anger them even more. This govt is too reactionary. Tomorrow it will be prostitutes complaining and asking for pay rises and this govt will come out and say prostitute services are going up in price. Desperate govt

  2. For your own information: Ongoing investigations at ministry of health are reviewing that there are 161 clinics/hospitals in Central province when on the ground there is only 121, Eastern province 199 against 153 on the ground. These are the Mismatches which HH spoke abt in the interview. Thats abt 100 extra non existent Hospitals btwn 2 provinces. In context, all workers at these ghost hospitals ve been getting paid for the past 7 years. Labs, Maternity wards, Dispensors and Medicines ve been supplied & restocked to these ghost hospitals. One ghost hospital alone can cost abt 1.2Billion Dollars a year to maintain & ran effectively. Now calculate times 99 & also this only two provinces there is 8 more.

  3. This sector has huge potential to contribute to Zambias economy and employment creation including wealth Creation for those in focus The potential job Creation across value chains is below expection If you employee 11750 this year what about years to 2030 come for those new entrants with specific new skill sets. This to me and the drugs value chains reflects the total long-term Stratergic thinking in the overall sectorial economies stratergies to grow and contribute to economies and moreso the employment creation is beyond simply employment but seeing the opportunities in the drugs and healthcare systems including insurance These Doctors and other support are few in numbers given the demographics and innovative thinking in the sector of growth Schools and institutions of excellence…

  4. When you look at the healthcare sector from pharmacy biotech healthcare Infrastructure life sciences ,Zambia must thing long-term stratergies employing these now and create a cross sectional resilient healthy system in medical and technologies also. The trends has been and increase in FDIs in those When you look at drive pharma adding and taking new entrants into the sector without creating externalities to learning centers in Israel and euro The levels of growth in services and industrials in the sector must grow to not only add workers but also some GDP over the periods against the budgetary multipliers It’s not simply a wage it’s about performing the sector long-term Moving into FIECE PHARMA and real medicals for job Creation and sustainability The interventions must be seen…

  5. It’s beyond simply medicines and employment if it must be a sector of value for long-term economic contribution The discussions and Stratergic positioning including the STEMs created must be part of that creating firzers. Mourning’s and others centers of excellence here around the hospitals then the employment and salaries will be secondary doctors and medicals will be volunteering to work for CVs and will have additional incomes apart from simply the payroll Issues of drug and shortages will be a non recurrence as the incentives to work in an efficient and deep sector will bring down those motivations and incentives There will be surplus if pharma was bought nearer I living medicals and technologies. You already have the soft skills the most important create sectors for them that is…

  6. The energy is there and interest but stratergies like those in infrastructure created and soft skills and excellence centers must now form the sector. The interest and potential should be there it’s bigger than simply medicines taking advantage of comparative advantages also The number of medical collaboration and participation in internationally sponsored medical research should grow comparable to Niger or SA or Zims now for most of our doctors and medicals to add to the economies of the sector okay. We are in Mean Value Analysis for now

  7. When you look at say India The sector is Worthy more than a $400 Billion The base of it is the human resources and critical healthy Infrastructure The talented human resources well trained around the facilities and sectors to offer competitive quality medicals It has attracted FDIs Worthy more than $7.22 Billion in recent years The hospitals sectors is Stratergically poised to grow by 17% to 2023 a figure of $132 Billion That is huge in the sectors of value India is not the country of focus though but the stratergies and startergic growth of the sectors is beyond simply employment and drugs There must be a Stratergic build up of the sector for sustainability and provisions of healthcare uninterrupted regardless of Political transition

  8. These trained Health workers were left in the cold for years by PF regime. PF had no plan for them, now being employed by UPND government with a plan to earn income and fulfil their livelihood as Zambians.

  9. Yes it’s an healthy sector ecosystem like can be seen in halberstadt medical hubs it’s an ecosystem that creates synergies and collaboration staying local ultilising medical and tech talents stimulating further growth in med tech Since you can not achieve capitalisation to develop sectors quickly, international partnerships with biotech companies pharmas centers and schools like in the havards will help keep those besay and create the look local stratergies and develop local sectors
    The rate of innovation movements and growth prospects entails that including medical scientific exchanges no need for matches if human resources stratergies and Development is in place a medlab should have more to do and find work to do anytime and anywhere in worked out programmes locally and in…

  10. Well and good but while you’re at it consider their remuneration too! It’s also high time that the stupid notion regarding nurses as assistants to medical doctors got erased for they hold their own in their profession! Information is power and ignorance is destructive thus ignorant politicians as one Lusambo who think (bottom line) nurses just “wipe” and administer doctors intervention on patients need to research while being privileged to be in parliament to learn how these professionals work and help to better their working environments. Is any one in Zambia privy to how South Korea got to where it is in the global economy and national development? I bet there are Zambians that are in the know but for all I know the South Koreans did not strategize “hook and sinker” following the…

  11. Yes it is about high time qualified personnel were employed, not because they are related to a VIP but because they simply meet the qualifications. Those who are talking about the pay for the new recruits: They will simply be paid what their colleagues who are already in service get. Well done the New dawn. I don’t remember the PF employing such a huge number of people at once in their 10 years of misrule in this country. Those kick backs or commissions from projects could have employed a big number of graduates at once

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