Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Home Affairs launch digitalised NRC system


The Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security through the department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship in Muchinga province has launched the Integrated national Registration Information system (INRIS).

Muchinga Province Minister, Henry Sikazwe who graced the launch said implementation of the integrated national registration system is timely.

Mr Sikazwe said the current manual-based system lack mechanisms to prevent foreigners from registering as Zambians.

He said this is so because of the during outreach programmes that the Government implements such as mobile issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs) across the country and especially in border areas, registration officers solely depend on the use of affidavits to register a person.

The Provincial Minister added that the digitalized system will help curb the problem of ghost workers in the public service as Government has prioritized enrollment of all public service workers.

Mr Sikazwe also said the new systems will overcome some of the challenges that the department face.

He said INRIS will make it difficult for ineligible persons to register as a Zambian citizen as it will assign a national identity number at birth as opposed to when a citizen is 16 years old.

Mr Sikazwe said the new system will provide wider services beyond the issuance of biometric enabled digital NRCs and civil registration.

The Minister highlighted some of the benefits of the new system as enhanced security system through proper identification of citizens.

He said individuals will not easily change their identity as the case maybe for some re-offenders

Mr Sikazwe pointed out another benefit saying the biometric identification system will contribute towards promotion of good governance and reduce cost of voter registration.

’‘The system will enhance the electoral process by facilitating effective voter registration and identification,’’ said Mr Sikazwe.

And Acting Principal Registration Officer for Muchinga, Sekai Mwanza said the system is aims at providing biometric enabled national registration cars and issuance of birth and death certificates.

Ms Mwaza said the requirements of the process are duly completed form II by the applicant and the National Registration Card.

“The process starts with verification of information on the NRC adding that once the applicant is authorized by officers in charge , demographic and biometric information is enrolled in the system,’’ Ms Mwanza added.


  1. The strategy to rig by the upnd has commenced. These crooks will not manage at the next election. I am ready to die for the truth


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