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Ministers Musokotwane, Chipoka in Dubai for Expo


The Finance Minister and his Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry colleague Chipoka Mulenga are in Dubai, UAE attending the Dubai 2020 Expo.

On Monday, the two officials visited the Zambian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 after engaging with some prospective investors that have shown interest in the Zambian energy sector as a result of the Expo.

Zambia is among 192 countries participating in the Expo which begun on 1st October, 2021 and is coming to an end on Thursday 31st March, 2022.

This was the first visit to the Expo by Mr. Musokotwane and he was given a guided tour of the pavilion to appreciate what Zambia has to offer to the rest of the World.

Speaking during the tour, Mr. Musokotwane indicated that he was happy with all the work that was put into the expo by the Zambian Pavilion staff and that such teamwork from everyone involved has clearly yielded great results.

He also encouraged the staff to continue with that spirit of togetherness, even as the Expo comes to a close and bring that spirit back home.

Further, Mr. Mulenga commended the team for a job well done and for keeping the momentum for the last six months.

As part of the various activities that took place during the expo, Zambia celebrated her National Day on 20th January, 2022 which was officiated by President Hakainde Hichilema.

The Finance Minister and his Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry colleague Chipoka Mulenga
The Finance Minister and his Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry colleague Chipoka Mulenga


  1. Kikikikiki what is this now….these guys are serious jokers…’s beautiful traveling on tax payers money …someone can even fly overseas to go and use the toilet

  2. There’s no hope, they’re heavily banking on what others can do for us and not what we can do for ourselves. Nipano tuli

  3. I think the whole Zambia needs an overhaul. A real overhaul. From the constitution to getting real younger people in government. All it takes is a real radical that can communicate in such a way.

  4. Unfortunately these UPND guys are making PF look like genius…..starting from the demagogue President he seems like he doesn’t know what he is doing ….down to Health,Finance…Media etc all useless chipante pante reloaded

  5. Musokotwane, assured us that money pensioners had been released. The pace of disbursement of the said money hasn’t improved much more than the PF time. I have eleven relatives and friends retired from various ministries….none of them has received the money except one in Kawambwa who has received his repatriation and not his pension.

  6. Mr Musokotwane does not know where to
    Reap from.Zambia has been a copper giant
    From 1964 and mines has been our largest
    Forex earner.This government decides to look
    For money when our mines can generate
    Enough that we don’t even need IMF instead
    We give tax free to mines.

  7. @6 Lord Angus
    Am sure every Zambian should embrace your idea….we just need a complete overhaul….getting rid of all the madalas and bringing in young leaders…otherwise we’re moving backwards….HH has put the country in reverse gear

  8. HH is not Madala, Mulenga Chipoka young or Madala? “getting rid of all the madalas and bringing in young leaders” cheap solution to current problems cannot take us anywhere. HH has surrounded himself with job on training Minsters he will not achieve the intended target.

  9. kikikiki
    Nobody knows where to reap from since 1964 everyone is talking we can do this and we can do that
    the FACT is we lack education and business acumen, Therefore there is no forward until we take care of education and business management
    Every business venture government has taken on since independence has failed right up to date
    Is 57 years not enough evidence ??

  10. I own businesses and shops in dubai and have been there many times in my personal capacity..I can assure you those fossils are there to play around and touch young girls.

  11. @Kaizer Sosala: Yes you were in Dubai many times but not in your personal capacity,you were there on the Zambian Tax Payers capacity. and you dont own anything there – it is again the Zambian Tax Payers who own whatever you bought there. Next time say something more sensible, maybe something like-declare or returning something that wasnt mine and i mistakenly took it went and hide in Dubai. yes, that we will listen to you and mauybe congratulate. But ifi mule sabaila ba Kaizer

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