Friday, March 1, 2024

Swedish Ambassador in Luapula for save planet earth campaign


Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Anna Maj Hultgard has emphasized the need to save the planet if the world is to have continued strong biodiversity for the betterment of humanity.

Ms Hultgard says Sweden and the Swedish embassy in Zambia are focusing on issues of climate change and that the preservation of the planet is key for the sake of humanity in general.

She was speaking in Mansa today, when she called on Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Royd Mwansa and pointed out that the embassy has continued to engage different stakeholders on the preservation of the planet earth, including children.

And Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Royd Mwansa praised Sweden for the strong ties that the two countries enjoy.

Mr Mwansa disclosed that Zambia has particularly benefited a lot from a number programmes by the Swedish government through SIDA.

He also called on the Swedish embassy in Zambia to take advantage of good climatic conditions in Luapula Province to encourage investment in different sectors.


  1. The Swedish ambassador means we’ll. But she is blind for the corruption in Zambia, and for the foreign opportunists that unfortunately have taken advantage of the Swedish generosity. Especially the Swedish funding of several microgrids has gone wrong with most of the money being hived off by clever business men. Pity, so much more could have been done with that money.

  2. It is easy for someone from the west to come to Zambia and “preach” about saving the planet. When the greatest need for Zambia is proper health care, clean water and electricity available to all areas .

  3. Very beautiful whlte woman. I rarely find them attractive but uyu chilomolimo. Sad she is forced to work with a pathetic limp govt like upnd

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