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Government’s stand against street kids welcomed


Some concerned parents and guardians in the Ndola district have expressed happiness about the government’s pronouncement to arrest those sending children to sell on the streets.

Mable Mwenda a Ndola resident says the government should ensure that parents and guardians who send their children to beg or sell on the streets must be punished by the law.

“That is child abuse, the children need to be in schools and not on the streets most of these kids found on the streets are sent by their guardians hence the need for government to step in,” Mr. Mwenda said in an interview.

And Mercy Mwenya another resident said kids are being deprived of the opportunity of going to school as they spend most of their time selling on the streets.

Mrs Mwenya e said parents and guardians should take advantage of the free education policy by taking their children to school

Meanwhile, Luanshya’s Gandhi primary school PTA chairman Charles Mulenga said that there is a need for the government to first understand the reason why parents send children to the streets before arresting them.

Mr Mulenga said that some children may be in the streets because of peer pressure and not because of being sent by their parents hence the need to analyse each case with parents before arresting them.

“There is need for government to also check physically the homes where these children come from as they may find that selling in streets would be the only means of survival for the family,” Mr. Mulenga said.

Recently , Ndola District Commissioner Joseph Phiri advised the Zambia Police Service to arrest parents who will be found sending their children to sell on the streets instead of encouraging them to be in school following the implementation of the free education policy.


  1. Certainly a good step forward – parents should be taken to task – especially as education is now free. And all can help, by not looking the other away when groups of children are seen loitering; notify relevant authorities. Perhaps collective responsibility is what’s needed to save our languishing children.

    #plant a tree please.

  2. Look at the UK based Impostor/ fraud …what can it say when during PF school leavers and PF thugs were encouraged to loiter on the streets by Lazy Lungu.

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