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Communicate effectively, UPND government urged

EconomyCommunicate effectively, UPND government urged

The Centre for Trade Policy and Development has called on the new Dawn government to employ effective communication personnel to help explain the economic challenges the country is facing.

CTPD Executive Director Isaac Mwaipopo said government should engage qualified and competent people to speak to specific issues that emerge as Zambia embarks on the Economic Recovery path.

“You can’t take a Job on training approach in the middle of a crisis. The people that have been fronted to speak to the country this far lack the capacity to communicate appropriately and convincingly,” Mr. Mwaipopo said.

He added, “In this day and age, you don’t need to experiment on who speaks on behalf of an entity, the damage can be colossal, world over, countries are investing heavily to ensure information gets across to citizens in a timely and appropriate manner.”

Mr. Mwaipopo stated that rebuilding the Zambian economy will not be easy.

“It is not even a secret that in the coming days and years, Zambia will face a lot of difficulties in its efforts to rebuild the economy and get back to a path for growth,” he said.

“Anyone that is honest and understands where we are coming from and how deep the damage is on our economy will tell you that the road ahead will be long, there won’t be a quick fix if we are aiming for lasting solutions.”

Mr. Mwaipopo said government must avoid assuming that they have all the answers adding that the challenges are big and that they need every one’s involvement.

“Open up more on the planned Economic Reforms, if there is a consolidated plan, make it available to the public for scrutiny and input, try by all means to get many involved, you still need the support of the Zambian people, the same way you started with them, don’t leave them behind now.”

He added that government must be consultative.

“You will lose nothing, the country has so many experts who can even offer their knowledge on a voluntary basis, make good use of them. Realise that most Zambians are interested in seeing you succeed as your success will lead to benefits for all, keep their concerns at heart.”

“Avoid assuming that every one knows what you are working towards, make deliberate efforts to explain, it will help getting the buy in for any planned Economic reforms, including the IMF Programme.”


  1. Politics is a disease…. people are normal before being elected and sworn in. Soon after that they become gods. I remember one neighbor who became a government minister. We were close and borrowed salt from each other. I met him the town center and greeted him. He looked at me like he didn’t know me before. He turned and entered the bank without answering my greetings. They know everything.

  2. LIsten here iwe Mwaipapa jean-calude kasai: UPND is the most educated party in the history of Zambian Politics and i doubt there ll be another,maybe there will be but apa tuli ebo. So keep all this “told”urged”advised” or whatever to yourselves cos to be honest with,UPND dont need it, if they did, they would have advertised in the newspapers for adviser or tellers & what qualificatons are reqiured. And most of you dont have a single qualification or competence to be listened to. All former PF stoogies.People go for advise to people who ve succeed at their game.What has PF succeeeded at? Corruption, Teargassing, Murder, Hooliganism. Cadresim, Collecting council revenues in markets & bus stations, Procuring at 100times the normal price, accuring Debt they cant repay,not paying cilvil…

  3. So when then UPND needs advice on the above mentioned evil acts, they will definitely approach you, cos you are the professors at that. Before for now,what the UPND wants are sober minded people – wait for your time untill they ask or advertise for Vipuba.Only then can you show up guys,but for now, ni lay low chabe. mawani palibe.

  4. Politics is a disease. People are normal before elections. After elections and being sworn in they become gods. One of our neighbors became a government minister. Before that we were very close and we helped each other with things like salt. But after that he KNEW BETTER THAN ME. I met him at the bank, I greeted him, he looked at me like he’d never known me before. He turned and entered the bank without answering my greetings. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING LIKE FTJ TOLD HIS UNCLE WHO ADVISED HIM AGAINST THE THIRD TERM DEBACLE.

  5. onathan Mutaware-Formerly STEP ASIDE

    MMD under president Chiluba had the most educated MPs and Ministers BE CORRECTED SIR. That Hollier than though attitude and pride is what will cause UPND to fall. In the jus past Parliament , You had your angels like Jack Mwiimbu, Nkombo, Mweetwa who are in cabine today but the most educated MP was Edify Hamukale and Nkandu Luo and for some reasons these are illiterates by your infallible holy UPND standards . HAVE SOME HUMILITY SIR!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no special University for UPND where they are classified as best in Zambia, its the same universities we attend

  6. I believe brother Mwaipopo is talking a lot of sense and in very civilised and constructive terms,as usual.
    The Government must accept that currently the people that have been charged with the task of communicating the New Dawn messages are NOT doing their job…… they are more reactive than proactive……in this vein,Thabo Kawana is an unmitigated disaster !!
    Perceptions in the new world,are everything.If the public start believing that their Government does NOT care about the current high cost of living for example,you are doomed as UPND.
    I firmly believe that after 7 months in office,HH should have by now recognised the Ministers in his cabinet that ARE pulling their weight and those that are NOT……. A reshuffle about now would go a long way in placating the genuinely…

  7. This is what we call “Objective mentality”, not just blind worshipping like some supporters of UPND are doing. Bravo Mwaipopo. You have indicated true patrotism characters. Our country needs people like you with sober mind-set. Keep it up.

  8. Since Lusaka Times started this Step Aside tribalist has had the most downvotes I have ever seen.He thinks its clever to call everu Bemba sounding name a Kasai. He thinks we share his loathing for Kasais when we love them. UPND your strategy of planting him on LT from Pretoria isnt working. There are better polished cadres who can propound propaganda in SA than him

  9. Yes indeed………..

    UPND and GRZ publicity and media bodies have failed lamentably ………..

    You wounder if they are getting paid…….

  10. There is no quick fix to the current economic problems. There is need to have effective means of communicating what is obtaining on the ground than what is being done. On this one I totally agree PF is still countering with a heavy punch. In UPND our response has not been effective especially after winning the elections even the battalion of our bloggers has quickly disappeared and no one is seeing that. There is need to do more in terms of communication.

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