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UK hails new dawn govt’s free education policy

General News UK hails new dawn govt’s free education policy

The United Kingdom Minister for Africa Vicky Ford has applauded the Zambian government for fully implementing the free education policy to enhance access to education for vulnerable children in country.

Ms. Ford says access to education has accorded children an opportunity to fulfill their potential and develop their abilities.

She says her government will for this reason support Zambia’s implementation of her free education policy to enhance access to quality education for children especially the girl-child.

Ms. Ford , who is on a familiarization tour of schools in the country, stated that United Kingdom is also working with government to construct secondary schools in areas which are underserved.

She said this when she addressed pupils and various stakeholders at Mulola primary school in Chongwe district which she visited to assess the challenges being experienced by girls at the school.

Mulola primary school becomes the 100th school supported by the British council’s climate connection program aimed enabling school going children to take action against climate change issues.

And Education Minister Douglas Siakalima who accompanied Ms. Ford and her delegation implored parents in the Chongwe to stop marrying off their female children at an early age as adding that the practice is detrimental to the lives of girls.

Mr. Siakalima said the girl child should be encouraged to get educated to allow them to access equal opportunities to develop their livelihood as their male counterparts.

He said government is cognisant of the challenges that hinder girls attaining education adding that it is currently implementing various programs to address these challenges.

“Government and various stakeholders are have ensured that the girl child has equal access to education and other opportunities as the boys.

This has been made possible through the implantation of the re-entry policy, equal opportunities during enrollment, financial support through .

“ The keep girls in school’ program, provision of sanitary kits and inclusion of comprehensive sexuality education in the school curriculum among others,” Mr Siakalima said.

He also said the free education policy is expected to reduce drop outs and also improve attendance as well as performance levels for the girl child.

Mr Siakalima called on communities to take advantage of the decentralisation policy which government has actualized by ensuring that they prioritise support for school activities which can improve access to education for the girl child through their ward development committees.


  1. Hahah they have come to ensure that their chola boy hh implements their gay rights as agreed prior to elections. Good luck to your sons and daughters. Zambia is finished.

    He even claims to give up his salary for 8 months and yet he never declared his wealth or interests in th3 many companies he is a board member of in conflict. He is making more now as president. Open your eyes Zambians

  2. Bufi! Ubwafita fititi. When MMD got into power Britain the Us and all Western capitalists through their IMF pressured us to drop education subsidies and all other free stuff. Lelo babepe ati they are supporting free education. Unless HH has promised their interests will be taken care of elsewhere in the Zedian economy so they are preparing for a state capture

  3. Stup!d KZ must be the WORST loser in the northern and southern hemispheres – eight months after the UPND has come into power you STILL haven’t accepted that this government is infinitely better than that incompetent, thieving and corrupt bunch of criminals that Edgar China Lungu brought about. Hahaha hehehe hohoho hihihi!

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  5. The day you PF cadres will be able to give to the poor Zambians what hese dignatories are pledging and giving, is the day that you can start opening your dirty mouths to charge them.For now go to hell all of you, because if we are to say that GRZ shd chase away these Ambassadors and not accept their offers, which Zambian or Zambian can give anything to a school or hospital? which one? which Zambian can invent a toothpick so that we dont import toothpicks from China? which one? You see! thats why i always say that shut up! cos you guys just talking talking, but if we say okey provide what these donors are giving, we ll find that you are probably a Degree Holder & commenting on this platform using an internet cafe or free data.

  6. “He explained that Zambia and Sweden have continued to nurture their relationship despite some of the challenges that the two countries have gone through.”-LT

    When I say Government maturity, I am not referring to the normal ageing process of our formal government but the fact that one day we realize that if our government health is not in top shape, nothing else is worth much in life.

    GRZ change the constitution.

    The other day you met with the Rwandan president in Livingston. He was not accountable to his government and you are not accountable to GRZ why because you think you are the government. but with Sweden’s government you have to meet in the State House why Because they have to be accountable to their people.

  7. Come on now. I keep saying (check my previous posts): NO ONE SHOULD BE IN THE BEDROOM OF A NATION. The bedroom is Education, Agriculture, Health, and Social Security. No one but yourselves. Tell that one to get back on her chartered flight. Let’s begin to do the right thing.

  8. Why stupidly comment negatively or even comment at all on a matter that one is beyond being a direct beneficiary as the free education policy is being implemented? Education is an equalizer and the British are pledging support to delivering the policy! To note insults by those past qualifying to enjoy “free” education is mind boggling. Well done Ms. Vicky Ford for building hope to many yearning an education!

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