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Circular Preventing Elected officials from taking over staff matters in Councils Welcomed

Rural News Circular Preventing Elected officials from taking over staff matters in Councils...

The Society of Local Authorities Chief Executive (SOLACE) has commended Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo for issuing a circular to all Town Clerks and Council Secretaries on how to handle staff matters in Local Authorities following recent trends in some councils in which some elected officials have harassed Principal and Chief Officers.

SOLACE president George Mulenga told the media that the Organization is happy with the policy directive as it will enable councils and elected officials to stick to their roles.

Mr Mulenga said the guidance will not only bring stability in councils but harmonize the work relationship between the elected officials as policymakers and the appointed Officials as implementers and advisors but will help them improve service delivery to the public.

Mr Mulenga warned that if elected Officials continue to frustrate the Human Resource in the Councils, the intended district developments will not be achieved.

He has since appealed to all Town Clerks and Council Chairpersons Countrywide to be loyal to government and create an atmosphere of trustworthiness in order to put the fights to an end.

Earlier, SOLACE Vice President, who is also Council Secretary for Pemba Town Council, Gibson Mweemba, disclosed that there has been an unfolding trend of elected officials taking the responsibility of handling staff matters outside the provisions of the law in which elected officials had coined a term of ‘surrendering’ Officers to the Local Government Commission.

According to secular issued, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo has indicated that the government’s desire to see stability and harmony in Local Authorities as this will provide a receipt for productivity and desired development and further urged appointed officials to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.


  1. Pooling the councils like in the SALGA and BALA could create make synergies for capacity development and inniatives see also how these councils are structured in-service delivery and Investments portifolios to support councils long-term beyond the CDF explore also these and other funding methods we know and budgetary controls systems and acts to perform the councils

  2. Failed leadership at the top means that even where minions like nkombo attempt to show they are doing something, it has no impact. Upnd have a capacity crisis. Most of their ministers and even president have no adequate experience in public management.

  3. The elected officials and council executives should always follow the rules of engagement or their job descriptions failure to which leads to people they are supposed to serve not benefiting. As the saying goes that ” When Two Elephants fight its the grass that suffers”.

  4. Okay thanks it’s about the structure and financing methods with instruments ad acts including capacities for those workers under the municipalities and councils there could be many associations under the same dedicated specifically in local gov but what will perform is the economics of the local councils not CDF in the long-term

  5. Bus stations to create smart cities and mobilities could be outside the CBD That is the way cities of the world are structures Capetown jozi
    not the crowded Franciss Town Gabs wind etc Then you cannot fiance capital equipments and projects to perform the councils long-term on the CDF. There funding methods and financing in sustainable way to make councils perform but some councils like Pemba or zimba or yimba or chama will still require developmental financing support from gov because there are no economies around those areas including this month and sesheke we are watching on ZNBC.

  6. It’s easy the spartial planning in these areas has been done it’s up to the local councils to create opportunities around for Investments and not CDF it’s about the whole local government in these associations asking and creating funds to support long-term local developments

  7. It’s tired but atleast I know move from the ministry to the council in reimbursement methods not with audit assurance on the ground since you have already. It’s easier with councils but with wards and constinuencies it’s an extension of the ministry to councils to constituencies to wards to sections in responsibilities and there is no responsibility without accountability then these wards and sections they have cost centers and units long-term it’s on the local councils be in departments better managed by them not just like that

  8. This nigga Nkombo is a low class crook and dishonest fellow who was busy forging stuff in parliament. What are you talking about? For a forger like him, you need to scrutize every document he supports or brings to the fore.

  9. This thorn you are right. The only thing he is good at is making childish f00Iish videos on YouTube with his daughter. He is as childish as his leader hh

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