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Professor Krikor, Zambia’s longest serving lecturer turns 80


Prof Krikor Erzingastian, turns 80 years today!

Prof Krikor, as he is commonly known started teaching medical students at the University of Zambia Ridgeway Campus in 1979. He is the longest serving lecturer and known as father of surgery in Zambia.He is described as a selfless man who has dedicated his life to serving mankind particularly the underprivileged.It is his nature to provide surgical services to poor communities at no cost. Every student who has been privileged to be taught by him lauds his meticulous physical examination technique.A very useful diagnostic tool in poorly resourced settings with limited biomedical technology support.

Happy Birthday Prof Krikor!!


  1. Happy Birthday Prof Krikor.!!! have never found another doctor who does physical examinations like you.Thank you for the skills you have imparted.

  2. Prof K faught in the 2nd world war as a soldier of Russian Army. If he is turning 80 today He was born in 1942 which I think is not possible. That time he was already a soldier.

  3. Happy Birthday Prof. Krikor! I learnt from you how make simple drawings in the file to illustrate my findings from physical examinations and how to properly organise a patient’s file or case record. Thank you for the knowledge and skills we all got from you.

  4. Congratulations. As for me i am aiming to live until I am 120. I went for a medical check up last year in dubai where I was told that my current health age is about 17 years. I have the body and health of a 17 year old . Thank you ba Jesus

  5. Happy birthday Big man.these are the real men living a purposeful life. Not like the PF govt of Lungu who were just there to feast on govt money.

  6. @Kaizar, your Dubai nurses were right, you are 17 year old, even my ex-girlfriend (your wife) say your powers are of a 17 year old.
    I can’t wait to hear results from your psychiatrist, I pray he won’t produce 17 year old results.

  7. Life well lived, Lungu and his PF tribalists like kabwili, luo ,mundubile ,sunday chanda, who dont see the value in other people from other tribes should take a leaf from the works of this man.

  8. Knowing Zambia this man must be working for the love of it and for free, if he was getting what is due those lecturers would be up in arms. And then you have doctors as PS at Ministry of Health sitting behind a desk pushing pens from Monday to Friday instead of being in clinics and hospitals.

  9. Happy birthday professor Krikor. I remember those days when you were at Livingstone General Hospital as a surgeon when i was on training and would encourage me to organize my fellow students to gather for a lecturer at your home in Makoma road and you calling me little one. staff who didn’t know your work culture were scared to work with you but not with me.May the almighty God bless you abundantly because you made me be what i am

  10. Congratulations to you Professor Krikor . Am humbled to see you. I remember those old days when you were at Livingstone General Hospital in 1979 as a surgeon. Indeed you were hard working and surgeon who never tolerated ineptitude in the staff. I remember you calling me little one throughout my training and even after. You enjoyed doing rounds in female surgical ward with little one by your side who could carry out your orders accordingly. You trained me to be efficient in my work and i lived to that stand up to retirement. More blessings on you Professor krikor.

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