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Labour movements expresses confidence in the corrupt-free massive recruitment

Rural News Labour movements expresses confidence in the corrupt-free massive recruitment

The Labour movement in Muchinga Province have expressed confidence of a corrupt- free massive recruitment process in the on – going recruitment exercise in health and education sectors.

The movement in the region is of the view that the decentralized dual recruitment process in the country, will accord opportunities to local residents.

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU ) Muchinga Regional Coordinator Nondo Kasanda says the successful recruitment of the 2022 recruitment process for both teachers and health workers will instill more confidence in training and graduating students.

Mr Kasanda says the recruitment in the education sector will also give life to teacher training institutions and parents adding that this will set an impetus to some training institutions that were at the verge of closing.

ZANIS reports that the ZCTU Regional Coordinator in an interview has however advised the set committees charged with the recruitment process to focus on localized teachers .

“ My appeal to committees in charge of selection to give preference to locals who are already familiar to the environment, “ he said.

And Professional Teachers Union of Zambia ( PROTUZ) in the area has urged the Teaching Commission of Zambia (TCZ) to give priority to trained teachers that have been volunteering their services at various schools.

PROTUZ District Chairperson Masiye Mbewe said trained but unemployed teachers volunteering their services should be preferable for recruitment than those that just stay home.

Mr Mbewe added that the trainee teacher volunteers have also gained experience through their voluntary work.

“The volunteer teachers should be considered in the on-going recruitment exercise, ” said Mr Mbewe.

Meanwhile, Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) Chinsali district Chairperson, Amos Sichone says having a corrupt free recruitment system is what the unions have been vying for.

Mr Sichone advises the selection committees must ensure that eligible candidates are picked during this recruitment period without favor or nepotism attached.

” This recruitment of health workers will also boost labour movements through recruitment of new union members,” he added.

The Zambia Union of Government and Allied Workers (UG) union on its part feels the decentralized recruitment process will help to unify families which is part of the new dawn administration’s agenda.

UG Deputy Provincial Chairperson Kapembwa Sichilya pointed out that the establishment of human resource recruitment committees across all the 10 provinces is a plus to the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration as it comprises of key stakeholders.

” With the human resource recruitment committees in place it averts corrupt practices as law enforcement agencies are part of the recruitment process,” Mr Sichilya said.

And Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) Provincial Chairperson Phillip Mwale says the recruitment of 11,200 health workers will go a long way in cushioning staffing levels in the sector.

Mr Mwale said as a Union, they are elated that from the 11,200, over 3,000 positions have been allocated for the recruitment of nurses to beef up the shortage of nurses especially with the opening of new health facilities dotted around the province.

He thanked government for ensuring that Unions are part of the recruitment process saying Unions are custodians of workers’ welfare.

Government through the ministry of Health and Education is currently recruiting 11,276 health workers and 30,000 teachers respectively, countrywide.


  1. You don’t know nothing. Names have already been picked. One thing I remember how unions used to be silenced by allowing them a relative each. The true picture will come out after the excercise is completed

  2. Let them talk about wht they hv seen so far. The government doesn’t hv the money to hire everyone looking for a job, not this government , not the one it replaced and not the one to come after this one. That’s just the way it is, fullstop.

  3. Lusaka Times: Zambia has 10 provinces. You cant be like everyday ” Muchinga province,muchinga province. Northern province, Lusaka province”. Do you think Muchinga province is zambia or what? or the reporters are just all from Muchinga province? Cos i know for sure, Bembas dont talk of other tribes in the develpment circles – Kambwili showed us so, Mumbi Phiri, Chama and lately GBM all were only promoting one province. You can see this even in the new PF leadership after Lubinda has pulled out of the presidential race, look who is left behind? All Bembas,now Zambians, who is Trully tribal here buy their DNA?

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