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Easter is meant to commemorate resurrection of Christ not Womanizing, drinking -Nalumango

Headlines Easter is meant to commemorate resurrection of Christ not Womanizing, drinking -Nalumango

Vice President Mutale Nalumango has urged Zambians to celebrate Easter in line with Christian values.

Mrs Nalumango says people should move away from the notion of celebrating the festivities with ungodly behavior.

ZANIS reports that speaking in an interview with journalists shortly after attending the Easter Conference at Oasis of Blessings Assembly in Lusaka yesterday, the Vice President explained that Easter is meant to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She therefore said everything that contradicts the ways of Christianity is not in line with the holiday.

“You don’t celebrate Easter in contravention of God’s plan. People think the celebration is to go drink, to go do all the wrong things you can think of including womanizing. That is not celebrating Easter that is actually bringing down the Lord. You want him to remain forever on the cross. This is time to rejoice, to see the love of God,” Mrs Nalumango said.

And this morning the Vice President gave a sermon at the church as one of the speakers at the Easter conference. Mrs Nalumango encouraged believers to endeavour to have an encounter with Jesus.

She added that the resurrection of Jesus was the beginning of mankind’s redemption.

Meanwhile, the spouse to Mrs Nalumango Max Nalumango who is also the Founder of Oasis of Blessings Assembly urged the congregants to emulate Jesus by having a forgiving heart.



  2. What Witina Kapembwa must understand is that not all Zambians are Christians. There are many that don’t subscribe to her beliefs and that doesn’t make them less Zambian. Let her acquaint herself with life in Kuku or Kanyama or indeed East Point she’ll know that men are less sinners as very few will have more than one woman on any night. But some women can have in excess of 5 men short time and still have 1 more long time. Some on a good day will even have more than 10 and still sniff more nsunko. So Christians must demonize men as if they’re the only sinners. WK hasn’t seen anything. Some men go home to enjoy the fruit that other men enjoyed during the day and women still put on uniforms to go to church to seek salvation. China muntu ne chiwa chakwe

  3. “Easter is meant to commemorate resurrection of Christ not Womanizing, drinking -Nalumango…”

    What ??????

    No Womanizing ????

    No drinking ????

    I would rather work, cancell the holiday, i dont want it………..

  4. Off topic , but……….

    Where is lusambo ????

    Lusambo is an entertainer………

    When ever lusambo appears it is comedy……….pure comedy……..

    From putting up billboards of him and his family to the Kaunda family and other billboards of himself around Lusaka…….

    To boasting on video how expensive his properties are……….

    To keeping malnourished zebra in his back yard …………

    To denying his baby mama…………

    To riding a kids bicycle to ACC office……

    Pleas , we need more lusambo in the news………….

    When ever news about lusambo shows, my day is made……..

  5. Continued…….

    The lusambo comedy……

    To lusambo asking caders

    ” ta mulalya chese ”

    To lusambo on national TV saying he will deal with people according to his own laws…….

    To lusambo telling us his wife’s perfume is more expensive then people’s

    ” lentols”

    To lusambo telling us that k2 million is small change for shopping………

    To his inconsolable crying when lungu lost………..

    Ohhh……pleas show us more lusambo.

    That’s why even Mwelwa Lane TV makes a living talking about lusambo……..

  6. But “Christians for Lungu” love to drink alot and flirt with their fellow ECL supporters.
    They always look for a good time out drinking where they boast about their ill gotten wealth.
    What normal people call “curruption”, ‘fraud” to them are considered to be “blessings from god”
    They love those presidential holidays

  7. Who has she got in mind? When a woman cries a lot at funeral just know that she’s got problems at home and it’s her chance to pour these problems.

  8. Alcohol abuse, womanising and selling sex are human weaknesses and are just regrettable, not a sin. Read the bible again , this time pay attention to details. Selling Government resources for a song in order to enrich oneself is a sin and is punishable. I would say it was a sin to dribble the Government during ZCCM Privatasation, it is again a sin to dribble Zambians to give KCM back to Vedetta. Tax holiday is a sin. Again, to intentionally “inflict pain on another person by whatever means is a sin.

  9. Zambians were taught by Edgar China Lungu for ten years we had a total drunk as president, drunk every day, not able to run the country properly. And now the government tells us we can’t drink?????

  10. You are right on Point Ms. Vice President. People of nowdays celebrate it wrong. Drinking what? Awasome Madam. You are right on point.

  11. Well said Veep indeed as a Christian nation we should be seen by what we do drinking is not close to the meaning of this celebration.

  12. I now think Christians are very lazy people no wonder they don’t understand anything related to celebration apart from back biting.

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