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New Chinese Ambassador to Zambia arrives to assume duty

General News New Chinese Ambassador to Zambia arrives to assume duty

Newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Du Xiaohui arrived in Zambia on Sunday afternoon and affirmed his country’s commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with Zambia.

The new Ambassador takes up office at a time when Zambia and China relations appear frosty as the new Dawn administration adopted a Look West Policy, neglecting a long held strong ties with China.

Upon arrival at Kenneth Kaunda Airport in Lusaka, Ambassador Du and his wife were welcomed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Director of the Department of Development Cooperation and International Organisations Mr. Sylvester Mundanda, Mr. Lai Bo, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy and other Embassy Officers are also among the welcoming team.

In a brief speech upon arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Ambassador Du said that the all-weather friendship between China and Zambia was forged by Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, President Kaunda and other founding fathers, and has been carefully nurtured by President Xi Jinping and generations of leaders of the two countries.

He said the Zambia-China ties have stood the test of time and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples.

“China-Zambia relations have become a benchmark for China-Africa friendship and a model of South-South cooperation. China-Africa relations are now at a historical starting point of building a China-Africa community with a shared future in the new era, and both China and Zambia have entered a new stage of development, Ambassador Du said.

He pledged that his colleagues will uphold the spirit of China-Africa friendship and cooperation proposed by President Xi Jinping.

Ambassador Du said he will work to forge ahead courageously with people from all walks of life, endow the China-Zambia traditional friendship with new connotations of the times, benefit the two countries and peoples, and continue to make contributions to China-Africa friendship, South-South cooperation and world peace.

Mr. Du is the 16th Chinese Ambassador to Zambia.

He previously held posting in Hamburg, Germany and Malta.

Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Du Xiaohui on arrival at KKIA.
Newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Du Xiaohui on arrival at KKIA.


  1. Calender…so this explains why Kakubo went on to meet Chinese ambassador…corruption in full swing and don’t mess with China man

  2. HH did well to ignore the Chinese. They have STARTED feeling that they need us more than we need them

  3. Edgar China Lungu sold out Zambia to the Chinese, and now this new ambassador is in charge of Zesco, ZNBC as well as several mines, plus some regulators like ZICTA, ERB etc. And that is not even counting the enormous debt that the corrupt PF government fixed with China. This man is infinitely more powerful than our own president!

  4. No corruption I don’t see any charges or evidence against ecl and yet your fellow f00Iish upnd member kakubo was the one caught pants down showing his ka small thing.

  5. “Mr Harry Kalaba also wondered why should the Ambassador meet the Foreign Minister when he was doing private errands, before adding that he himself was minister of foreign affairs for 4 years, never did he meet Ambassadors privately outside his office, and that even when he met them at foreign affairs, it was in the presence of officials.” LT 17/04/2022
    So now this is starting to add up ..so why was our Foreign Minister meeting an outgoing Ambassdor in a carpark? HH7 needs to act swiftly here no need to wait..he needs to demote his minister.

  6. Please ignore the UK based impostor/troll/fraud its bank holiday in the UK and its bored its longing for interaction online.

  7. Saulosi – With the Chinese you get what you ask for…if you want top quality product they will deliver but if you ask for cheap copies they will deliver at top quality prices and sharing the mark up together…with investment here in UK they are investing in billion dollar apartments, hotels and highrise offices following the law to the letter even employing brits…but in Africa our politicans encourage them to cut corners and they wont shy away from it and this is where we the people lose out in over priced poor infrastructure and investment. We only have ourselves to blame and this is why HH7 needs to act on this now before this desease spreads …he needs to quickly reshuffle his cabinet.

  8. @6 Tarino Orange
    You’re right….China’s biggest market/trading partner is the USA….almost everything is now made in China here in the USA…just a few products are made here…very few….but USA demands much better quality

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